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    AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Platinum 5.43

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    AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Platinum 5.43

    AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Platinum - программа для создания анимированных слайдшоу с сопровождением из вашей любимой музыки. Программа поможет оживить фотографии, добавить к ним анимацию наподобие падающего снега и сделать рамки, если вы этого пожелаете. В результате вы получите файл формата флеш-анимации SWF, который можно просмотреть в браузере или загрузить в Интернет, чтобы поделиться им с друзьями. Программа имеет большое количество настроек и опций, однако снабжена интуитивно понятными мастерами, делающими ее освоение предельно простым.

    With Photo Flash Maker Platinum, you can use your photos, flv videos and songs to create gorgeous flash slideshows in SWF format for watching on computer, burn the auto-run flash photo album to gift CD/DVD, build a web gallery with amazing flash slideshows with dynamic SWF + HTML + XML files, or upload the slideshows to our free web album Go2Album, and then script the slideshows to MySpace, Blogger, Friendster and many other social networking websites.Photo Flash Maker Platinum allows you to add flv videos as slides. Photos and videos can be mixed in a flash album.

    What can you add to flash slide shows
    Images: JPG, TIFF, BMP and PNG images
    Music: MP3, WMA , WAV songs, and sound tracks
    Video: FLV videos

    What can you get from Photo Flash Maker Platinum
    Gift CD/DVD
    Standalone photo flash with SWF file and HTML document
    Dynamic photo flash with SWF file, HTML and XML documents
    Video-scriptded dynamic slideshow with SWF file, HTML and XML documents

    How can you publish and share your video-photo-mixed slideshow
    Present the gift CD/DVD to friends
    Email the compression file (*.zip, *.rar, *.7z) of output folder to friends
    Upload your flash to our free web album Go2Album for sharing
    Embed the flash slide shows and video albums to web pages

    The flash slide shows created by Photo Flash Maker Platinum can be scriptded to:
    Personal websites and organizational websites
    eBay product description page
    MySpace, Blogger, Windows Live Space, WordPress Blog, iGoogle Homepage, Bebo Profile, Orkut Scrapbook, and any other social networking websites blogs that support HTML

    Making flash slideshows with Photo Flash Maker Platinum

    1. Add music
    MP3, WMA, WAV songs or CD sound track can be added to the slideshow. You can enable audio streaming if the flash is designed for website.

    2. Add hyperlinks
    Each photo in the slideshow can link to a target page or pop-out window.

    3. Transitions, zooming and panning effect
    You can choose from Random, Wipe from Left, Fade to White, Cross Expansion and other 60-plus-transition effects. Zooming and pannings effect is optional for advanced flash templates.

    4. XML-driven
    The advanced flash templates are XML-driven. The XML document allows more personalized controls over the flash. Nonetheless, Photo Flash Maker creates XML-driven flash in a very straightforward way, even if you've never know what XML is, you can still use the advanced templates easily. And if you need to edit the XML document, we provide full instructions for doing so.

    5. Dynamic customization
    Besides XML control, the advanced templates provide many more custom options, so that you can create slideshow that fits into your existing web design: width , height, border color, background color, thumbnail size, etc. More about dynamic customization

    6. Auto-playback and repeat mode
    The flash slideshow will play automatically after preloading, and it can repeat playback.

    7. Full screen mode
    The advanced flash templates support full screen mode. Clicking the full screen icon at the corner of the slideshow can jump in and out of full screen mode.

    8. Publish slideshow just about anywhere
    When the flash sldieshow is created, you can save it on computer, burn gift CD/DVD, email it, upload to your web site, or upload to our free web album, and then add to MySpace, Blogger and many other social websites and blogs.

    Plattform: Windows XP / Vista / 7
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    Tablet: Flicken
    Größe: 26,0 МБ

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