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    SMSWay 2.0

    Category: For business | Updated: 15/7/2015, 16:04
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    SMSWay 2.0

    SMSWay - A program to SMS mailings, designed for small and medium businesses. This software is designed specifically for mobile marketing, advertising and news SMS mailings.Simple and easy to use application interface and a large number of features distinguish SMSWay similar programs for sending mass messages to mobile phones.In addition, you can synchronize the subscriber base between the program and the personal account that allows you to access it from any computer (knowing the username and password). Among the key features worth noting - Planning SMS mailing on a certain date - a mass mailing of SMS - SMS sending personalized with a personal appeal to each customer and the substitution of personal data (sizediscounts, time appointment, etc.) - Automatic customer congratulations on his birthday and other holidays - sending SMS with the letter sender (the name of your organization) - automatic detection of the region and the operatorthe phone number of the called party - the synchronization of subscriber bases from a private office - search and edit data in a database - importing data from Excel, CSV, TXT - Integration Module API and widgets to the site

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