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    Lombard 11.0.1

    Category: For business | Updated: 7/17/2015, 2:25
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    Lombard 11.0.1

    Pawnshop - The program for automation of operational records in a pawnshop.Features Lombard:- Scheme of interest accrual for the actual period of the loan - the possibility of excluding interest before the redemption, including expected interest - for credit paid by the pledgorthe pawnshop interest (for the actual number of days) - interest on the loan (the loan amount) and interest on the deposit (the amount of the assessment) The entire period of use can be divided into 2 slots- The number of days of the contract and after. For these periods, you can put different interest for the loan within a single ticket.There is the possibility to set different interest rates (or the number of days) under a contract from the ticket to the ticket when it is full. You can also automatically put down the interest in the case where the rate of interest for the loan depends on the loan amount, number of days of the contract or the type of collateral.

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