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    Warehouse for Excel 7.6

    Category: For business | Updated: 7/7/2015, 9:03
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    Warehouse for Excel 7.6

    Warehouse Excel - The program for automation of warehouse operations and accounting balances in stock at all stages (from the posting to the shipment of the product to the customer).The program is useful for different types of inventory control and production, has a simple interface and does not require you to special education or any special skills.In addition, there is a help-help, which is described as a square build and edit application, order form, how to enable macros and much more.
    Warehouse for Excel 7.6

    Warehouse Excel performs the following operations: - Acceptance of applications from the customer (formation proposal) - list of orders with the list of all received applications - Complete the order - posting - shipping order - payments to suppliers - partialshipment of goods - forms of accounts, bills, invoices, contracts, etc. Documentation - sales statistics and parishes Key features - Customer base of buyers - the choice of the operator Manager - Accounting discounts - keeping the amount - Select the date of the order and shipment - search for products by name and code - a few warehouses, handlinggoods between warehouses - administration (separation of functions, data protection) - Printing residues - automation of arrival (import of data into the program of the incoming documentation)

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