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    StaffCop 5.8.854

    Category: System | Updated: 07/09/2015 at 10:04
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    StaffCop 5.8.854

    StaffCop - A program to control the use of computers in the local network and a home computer.Using StaffCop, you can control the actions of your employees at their computers during working hours and analyze how effectively they use it.The program allows you to take screen shots, intercept messages in popular messengers to communicate on the Internet Skype, ICQ, QIP, etc., Track keystrokes, websites visited, and run programs on remote computers on the network. Besides possible to lock USB-drives.Detailed reports on user activity for any period of time can be seen on visual charts and graphs.After analyzing the reports, you can develop an optimal schedule for the employees and the distribution of tasks between them, so as to maximize efficient use of time and reduce downtime.StaffCop can be used at home as a program for parental control.You can observe the actions of your child's computer in stealth mode, and know exactly what it deals specifically - teaching lessons or waste time - playing games, talking in the social.networks or visiting questionable sites. Free software StaffCop can be used within 15 days of restriction to 10 part-time agents and display e-mail messages and in chat rooms.

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