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    WinToFlash 0.9.0034

    Category: System | Updated: 4/7/2015, 4:03
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    WinToFlash 0.9.0034

    WinToFlash - program to create a bootable USB drive. Installing Windows from a bootable USB is always convenient because flash drive smaller and less susceptible to wear than the disk (scratches, etc.) to the same is the only way out install Windows on the netbook that has no built-in optical drive.
    WinToFlash 0.9.0034

    With WinToFlash You can copy and transfer the program to install Windows 2003/2008 / XP / Vista / 7 and 8 with CD / DVD or disk image on a USB drive and create a bootable USB flash drive . In addition to the installation program can migrate Windows PE environment to drive and create a bootable drives AntiSMS, drives with MS-DOS, Live CD / DVD, the boot loader and the Recovery ConsoleWindows XP / 2003. The program is free, easy to use, in Russian. Supports the USB system checks the file for errors Formatting USB drives in FAT16 or FAT32, the choice of the type of section (CHS, LBA) and more.

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