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    GUARD House guard 6.1

    Category: System | Updated: 24/7/2015, 11:50
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    GUARD House guard 6.1

    House guard - A program for reliable protection of your home, office, garden and various rooms with a computer and sensors.Depending on the selected mode, the computer can be in two states on duty: 1 Security (PC is turned off) or the recommended mode Security 2 (PC switched on).In the first case, when you open the locked doors or windows - the computer will turn activates an external modem, speakers and a guard House guard will perform the specified action.As recommended by the "Security 2" can be used:- Port Game (4 beam sensors) - the port LPT (5 + 2 beams control unit external devices BUVU) - USB-ready module MMUSB232RL (up to 8-ray) - beam K (camcorder files); rays f1 and f2(Control of the two files) When triggered, one of the sensors HG program can perform for each beam is different, predefined search actions:- Play through the speakers wav-file (siren, a dog barking, and so on.d) - enable the external power unit (220) - to call on the given phone numbers and play the telephone line set sounds, such as "say" prepared texts -Send E-mail to the specified e-mail addresses - to send alarm messages to the computers on your LAN (predefined list of addresses) - to run these external programs - if necessary, turn off your computer
    GUARD House guard 6.1

    The program is easy to use, the interface is in Russian. Quite a lot of settings, there is information on the program.Built-in scheduler allows House guard to perform various actions (including those not related to the protection of spaces) on the schedule.The program can be used as an answering machine and send voice messages via modem (avtoprozvon). It supports remote control of HG from IP-addresses from the LAN, and a handheld computer (PDA) .In free mode you can run the HG 128 times and evaluate the possibilities of the program.

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