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    3 Everimaging HDR Darkroom Pro RePack by D! Akov

    Category: Graphics & Design | Updated: 16/9/2015, 23:46
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    3 Everimaging HDR Darkroom Pro RePack by D! Akov

    HDR Darkroom 3 program to create a highly dynamic and processing HDR images. The program allows you to choose a custom mapping algorithm tones, set up basic things (brightness, contrast, etc.), color adjust, tweak levels, adjust the lens distortion correction and more.

    New styles HDR
    Choose from 16 HDR styles quickly and easily get more editing capabilities. Change the look of the image, from the realistic to artistic to futuristic. You can even edit and save them as a custom styles!

    Advanced technology is a local / global tone mapping
    With our technology, the local / global tone mapping, you will produce the most spectacular photo-realistic results in seconds.We also give you control of tonal compression settings, if you want more advanced results.And as always, we give you all the best photo editing tools, the exposure, contrast and saturation to more advanced features such as curves and lens distortion correction.

    Artifact Suppression Technology
    If the object moves in the scene at the time when you make a few clicks while photographing our artifacts suppression technology fixes the problem "halo", when images are superimposed on each other.

    Technology alignment
    Superior HDR Darkroom alignment algorithm corrects the problem when the camera moves slightly between frames in square brackets.

    Powerful batch processing
    Our engine automatically handles batch processing multiple sets of pictures according to your individual preferences. Use the power of batch processing to protect themselves from the countless hours of manual adjustment.

    Camera RAW File Converter
    HDR Darkroom 3 supports RAW files of more than 150 models of cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, as well as Adobe (DNG), etc. Tens added to this last version!

    Advanced features:
    • Light / Color at your fingertips: HDR Darkroom 3 Pro gives you control over more than 30 parameters, so you can customize and control their ultimate results
    • Fully implemented control color space: HDR Darkroom 3 Pro is the first HDR software to integrated color space.
    • Visual Effects: Effects palette, which were developed with the participation of experienced designers and photographers.

    • Sophisticated technology HDR: HDR Darkroom 3 includes a number of advanced HDR technology, including alignment, reduction of ghosts, noise reduction, and local / global technology Tone Mapping, to help you easily produce spectacular images
    • User-friendly interface: working with professional photographers to understand their workflow, we have developed a 3 HDR Darkroom Pro specifically for ease of use, but without compromising the control over the production of HDR.
    • Progressive Tone Mapping technology: using our local / Global Technology Tone Mapping, you will produce the most spectacular photo-realistic results in seconds. We offer three types of tone mapping techniques to suit your needs.
    • Alignment: Our powerful technology alignment corrects the problem of displacement
    • Removal / reduction of Ghosts: If the object moves across the stage, while you make some shots, our cancellation technology fixes the problem of so-called ghost.

    Support RAW File Format List RAW File Format:
    • Adobe Digital Negative - DNG - * .dng
    • Canon Photo- RAW - * .crw / * .cr2
    • FUJI Photo - RAW - * .raf
    • Kodak Photo - RAW - * .kdc
    • Mamiya Photo - RAW - * .mef
    • Nikon Photo - RAW - * .nef / * .nrw
    • Olympus RAW - File - * .orf
    • Panasonic Photo - RAW - * .raw / * .rw2
    • Pentax Photo - RAW - * .pef / * .ptx
    • Sony RAW File - * .srf / * .sr2 / * .arw
    • Leica RAW File - * .rwl / * .raw / * .dng
    • Hasselblad - RAW File - * .fff
    • Imacon - RAW File - *. Fff

    Features RePack'a:
    Type: setup.
    Languages: Russian (78Sergey) | English.
    Cut: nothing.
    Treatment: carried out.
    Command line:
    • Silent installation: / S

    3 Everimaging HDR Darkroom Pro RePack by D! Akov

    Graduation Year: 2015
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface: ML / Russian
    Activation: cured
    Size: 37,11 Mb

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