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    3G Modem Manager 2.6.9

    Category: Internet and networks | Updated: 28/7/2015, 12:34
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    3G Modem Manager 2.6.9

    3G Modem Manager - A program to work with 3G modems HUAWEI and some models modems 3g from the Australian manufacturer ZTE.S this utility you can set up a 3G modem to work with SIM cards of other mobile operators. If the modem is not locked at the hardware level. In addition, you can always see the level of network signal, consider the costs of Internet traffic learn real speed Internet its 3G modem, turn on and off the internet for 3g modem scheduled using the convenient scheduling.The program has already scored an access point (APN) of mobile operators in Russia and Ukraine (beeline, mts, tele2, nts, kyivstar etc.).You can always learn Ballance on its SIM card, send a USSD-request to connect a service, enable or disable the PIN code on the sim card 3G modem, this view has received support SMS.Krome Hotkeys, Enforceability choose an available network and change room dial up connection "3G Modem". The presence of 12 skins (skins) will surprise users 3g.V modem has a small archive instructions for setting up 3G modems In Windows 7 and Vista. Program in Russian, portable, works with any hard disk or flash drive USB - without installation.

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