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    FolderChangesView 1.75

    Category: Security | Updated: 07/03/2015, 22:56
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    FolderChangesView 1.75

    FolderChangesView - A program to keep track of all the changes taking place in a particular folder and see diska.V real time, FolderChangesView scans the specified folder or the entire disc and displays the information on the changes in an easy to view table. Available information - The name of the changed file - counters change, query and remove - path to the file extension (type) of the file - File Owner - the date of the first and the last change monitoring program is free and foldersportable (no installation required), a file-information on working with the utility, supported by work from the command line.There is the possibility to quickly open the folder in which the changes were made in Windows Explorer Windows, copy the selected items, and save the report in HTML. This version FolderChangesView in Russian, works in the 32-and 64-bit OS Windows.

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