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    fSekrit 1.40

    Category: Security | Updated: 26/7/2015, 11:05
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    fSekrit 1.40
    fSekrit 1.40

    fSekrit - a program to encrypt and store text entries . A useful utility for anyone who wants to quickly and safely hide your password by text notes and cryptographically secure encrypted 256-bit key AES encryption.fSekrit easy to use, looks like a text editor Notepad. Just enter, copy or import text into the program window and save entering your password.fSekrit create EXE file to which access, view and edit records will need to enter a password that is known only to you.Since the program does not create temporary files - do not forget the password you assigned to the file open. The program is free, requires no installation, fast - ideal for storing important confidential text data - user names, passwords, and other information.

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