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    Hide-Show Files 1.0

    Category: Security | Updated: 28/7/2015, 11:05
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    Hide-Show Files 1.0

    Hide-Show Files - utility to change the attributes of files and folders. Portable, freeware Hide-Show Files 1.0 allows you to quickly change the attributes of folders and files in any folder or the root of the drive. If your files are on the flash drive suddenly become invisible (a place is occupied) checkmark change an attribute in the file properties - inactive - This often happens as a result of malicious software, or if you just want to hide files from prying eyes - making them hidden, move the Hide-Show Files in the folder you want,select the desired action, and press start. Hide-Show Files will remove the "hidden", "system", "read-only" attributes of invisible files, or vice versa hide files - depending on your choice.Notes : The program is ideal for USB-drive (flash drives, HDD) that are often exposed to viruses hide files. The system folders such ka WINDOWS, Documents and Settings, etc .. - is not recommended.

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