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    MEGAsync 2.1.2

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    MEGAsync 2.1.2

    MEGASync Client makes it easy to synchronize files between your computer, smartphone or tablet and secure cloud storage MEGA with strong encryption.You get 50 GB for downloads and storage for free. Mega (file sharing) - a secure cloud service for storing and sharing files, which offers 50 GB of secure storage for free. You can expand the cloud storage using a paid Pro-account with 500 GB to 4 TB.

    Unlike many other providers of cloud storage, with Mega your data encrypted and decrypted only with the client devices.Thus, your data is protected and accessible only to you. Mega encrypts all content directly in the browser or client MEGASync using the algorithm AES.

    Your data is accessible anytime, from any device, anywhere.Add files, folders sync with the cloud and other devices that share data with trusted contacts - updating occurs in real time. Access files you can get with a computer, smartphone or tablet, any browser.

    The main advantages of MEGASync

    Security: Your data is encrypted from the place of departure to the point of delivery. No one can intercept them during storage or travel.
    Flexibility: Sync any folder on your computer, smartphone or tablet with cloud storage. Sync any number of folders at once.
    Speed: Use the powerful MEGA infrastructure and the ability to send with just a few connections.
    Generosity: store up to 50 GB for free.

    Customer MEGASync available for computers running Windows (expected to support Mac OS X and Linux) and mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

    MEGAsync 2.1.2

    Released: 2015
    Operating system: Windows® XP / Vista / Seven / 8
    Interface language : Multilanguage (Russian)
    License: Free
    Size : 10,28 Mb

    Download MEGAsync 2.1.2

    Download MEGAsync 2.1.2 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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