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    Start Menu 10 v5.55

    Category: Software | Updated: 8/25/2015, 4:48
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    Start Menu 10 v5.55

    Start Menu 10 the right solution for Windows 10. The new version of windows you are forced to use the application (the application appeared in windows 8 (popup hint)), for it took a menu of Windows 7, and part of it was replaced with tiles, while removing access to system folders.

    Starting in one click
    This feature our unique development. 10 Start Menu replaces the yellow folder icons, the program icon. Clicking on the folder, you run this program.To access the sub-menu you have to wait a few seconds, placing the cursor over the folder. The first time the program is automatically detected, then the "main folder" to get that program that you ran last time.

    This feature uses your visual memory, thanks to this, you can more quickly find and launch programs.

    Virtual Teams
    Spread the contents of any folder on the virtual group, while leaving the files on the disk unchanged. Virtual teams can expand and collapse.Thus, you can reduce the time to view and change the visual display of information, depending on the circumstances. For the first time this feature has appeared in our program Start Menu X is our invention.

    The group can be minimized, and when the cursor becomes available the contents.

    The group can be deployed and display the content directly from the menu.

    Smart-demand applications and the list of programs.
    This list contains commonly used programs and those that you ran last time. Thanks to a clever algorithm, we were able to achieve what the most popular applications you have at your fingertips. The list combines both standard applications and applications appearing in windows 8.

    Access to any corner of the PC
    Unfortunately, the system menu in Windows 10 were removed links to folders. Do you provide a list of the programs and, therefore, accessible from the menu, even in the control panel to become very hard.

    Luckily you have the Start Menu 10! With our program, you can adjust the list of folders to your liking. A wide selection of 25 system folders and the ability to add your own folders, or programs that is what you need to customize the menu to your needs.

    The list of programs in full screen
    System menu of Windows 10 and other programs that blindly copy the menu of Windows 7, make you enjoy the small window to select programs.Therefore, you need to constantly to scroll the list and do a lot of extra mouse movements. We have corrected this annoying error interface.The contents of the folder uses the entire screen and select the speed of the program depends only on the speed of your eyes. Combined with the launch in just one click, it gives great results.

    Power management with timers
    No additional programs and efforts, you can right from the menu to specify a delay timer or power off the computer sleep. This feature will be useful for those who like to leave the PC overnight for complex tasks, as well as those who just likes to listen to music while out of the house.

    Start Menu 10 v5.55

    Graduation Year: 2015
    Platform: Windows® 8 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: Agliyskom / Russian
    Activation: not required
    File size: 5,72 Mb

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