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    Stepok Light Developer

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    Stepok Light Developer

    Light Developer - A program for processing and sorting of images from different digital cameras, to enhance the quality of images, add effects, eliminate noise and to get rid of blemishes onphotos, enhance images through color correction, quickly eliminating various defects (nebula, noise, low resolution, unwanted objects, etc.), Adjusting the brightness, contrast, white balance, level curves, sharpness, blur, etc. The program has many features, works as a standalone application allows you to view, edit, print photos and supports processing photos in batch mode.

    The program combined the capabilities of all its programs Image Digital Beauty, RAW Importer, Recomposit and Turbo Photo.The program can browse, sort, process image (in single and batch mode) obtained from a variety of digital devices:scanners, digital cameras, create photo albums, slide shows, print pictures.Allows you to improve the quality of images, add effects, captions, frames, eliminate noise, unwanted objects, get rid of skin blemishes and "red-eye". It operates as a standalone application and plug-ins for Photoshop.

    Light Developer is equipped with a beautiful intuitive interface.All instruments have clear labels and have their context menus that let you easily switch from one process to another. If you choose any picture program will open a dialog box in which you will be offered the options processing.

    Light Developer has its own browser to view the folders and photos. The editor of the program allows you to process images obtained from various digital devices, as well as from any video editor.

    The program can improve the image quality by removing noise, color correction, quickly eliminating various defects (Nebula, "red eyes", noise, distortion due to the low resolution,unwanted objects, etc.), adjust brightness and contrast, white balance, level curves, sharpness and blur, applying various effects, captions, and of course the frame. All changes can be canceled if you wish.

    Light Developer allows you to create a composition of various graphical objects. It has advanced masking algorithms that accurately isolate the desired object from the general background and properly fit it into another image.

    The most difficult thing in this process - just select the object to be placed in another environment, and place it in a new location so as not to be seen, what he did not initiallyI was. The work program uses various methods of concealment, including the so-called "blue and red screen" (this method is also known as chroma key technology - chroma key).Light Developer can cope even with such complex objects like hair, hairstyles details, sophisticated edge, shadow and transparency after decomposition, will complex to move objects from one image to another in a way that was not noticeable jump.

    The application supports the work with layers and masks. Through a built-in algorithms possible a significant reduction of the digital "noise" in the photographs and scanned images.The program supports the file format RAW cameras from different manufacturers. It is also possible processing files in batch mode.

    Supported RAW formats:
    • * .RAW, *. RW2 from Panasonic
    • * .NEF, * .NRW from Nikon
    • * .CRW, * .CR2 from Canon
    • * .ORF from Olympus
    • * .MRW from Minota
    • * .RAF from Fujifilm
    • * .PEF, * .PTX from Pentax
    • * .DCR from Kodark
    • * .ERF from Epson
    • * .DNG from Adobe
    • * .ARW, * .SRF, * .SR2 from Sony
    • * .RW1 from Leica
    • * .BAY from Casio
    • * .SRW from Sumsung

    Stepok Light Developer

    Date of: 2015
    Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Activation: Keygen
    Size: 5,26 Mb

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