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    Lunascape 6.10.0 Standard / Full

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    Lunascape 6.10.0 Standard / Full

    Lunascape A new version of the browser from the Japanese manufacturer.Lunascape The beauty is that it allows on the fly switching between engines Trident (IE), Webkit (Safari, Chrome) and Gecko (Fiefox), thus ensuring the best possibledisplay any site. In addition, the program is convenient.It does not fall hangs tabs can import settings from other browsers, supports bookmarks and mouse gestures, and has all the other features inherent in modernbrowsers. If you are attracted by the opportunity to manage with only one browser, Lunascape has all the prerequisites to take this place.

    Lunascape It is a very comfortable and modern tool for web surfing.The program has not only the functions of the web browsing, but also tools such as support for RSS-streams, podcasts, reading, storing the contents of web forms, support for mouse gestures.An additional feature of Lunascape include having access to a great setting for each engine.Due to an optimized implementation of the technology Gecko browser Lunascape faster than everyone else, having the world's fastest scripting javascript.Although the developers browser say that Lunascape faster than Chrome and 2 times ahead of Firefox (the data obtained on the basis of test results SunSpider javascript Benchmark).

    Your browser Lunascape implemented:
    • The ability to quickly switch between the three available engines;
    • Choice of engine: when you open the Web site, you can specify from which of the three engines should open;
    • The possibility of adopting a particular page of a particular engine;
    • Recommendations on the use of the engine, more suitable for displaying a Web page;
    • Ability to compare the appearance and behavior of Web pages with different rendering technology;
    • Support for a large number of open tabs;
    • Protection from crashes and failures (in the case of an error on any web page,
    `Close only one tab, not the entire browser);
    • The ability to import settings, Internet Explorer (Firefox extensions are not supported);
    • Support for RSS-streams and podcasts;
    • Support for special mouse movements (gestures) to facilitate navigation;
    • Auto save input in web forms data;
    • A library of plug-ins;
    • A library of visual themes (skins);
    • Saving screenshots of web pages in a format .png (the visible part of the web pages and web pages all);
    • The mass of other tools to facilitate Web surfing.

    Changes in Lunascape 6.10.0
    - Updated the Gecko engine version to 31.8.
    - Added Windows 10 support.
    - Updated the runtime libraries in the Trident engine.

    Lunascape 6.10.0 Standard / Full

    Released : 2015
    Interface language : Multilingual (Russian present)
    Operating system : Windows XP, Vista, 7
    Activation : Not necessary
    File size : 34,91 Mb / 113,81 Mb

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    Download Lunascape 6.10.0 Standard / Full for Windows 7, 8, 10
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