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    ThumbsPlus Professional 9.3.0 Build 3953 + Plugins

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    ThumbsPlus Professional 9.3.0 Build 3953 + Plugins

    ThumbsPlus Pro - A powerful tool for viewing, editing and organizing digital images. ThumbsPlus will simplify the process of finding and maintenance of image files, fonts, and animation.During his tenure, ThumbsPlus scans drives for image files, create thumbnail images for them and stores them in its own base of thumbnail images, so that whenLater viewing the collection of images, a preview image is displayed instantly, even if the directory is a huge number of pictures.

    The program also allows you to edit the image:Adjust the brightness and contrast, removing the effect of "red eye", color settings, cropping and resizing images, the conversion from one format to another, etc.ThumbsPlus supports not only bitmap images, but also to vector images in the formats AI, CDR, EPS, DXF, DWG, CMX, and many others.

    Program features:
    * Downloading files using OLE
    * TWAIN support to scan devices
    * Opening ZIP-files as ordinary folders
    * Create, copy, move, rename and delete folders
    * Install and uninstall fonts in the system
    * Auto-save clipboard
    * View multiple images
    * Run external programs for editing
    * Display the properties of each image
    * Batch Processing
    * Ability to display a slide show
    * The assignment of the current picture as your desktop background
    * Storage thumbnail images in a single database
    * Storing comments in image files
    * Printing images and image directories
    * Copy and paste images from the clipboard
    * Automatic display of new and changed files in the current folder
    * Choosing the size of the reduced image and the color depth
    * Automatic filling of keywords based on file information
    * Select the file types to display their sketches
    * Customize toolbar
    * Master of Web pages to create web pages
    * Create logical galleries thumbnails
    * Support for RAW formats of various cameras
    * Support for a large number of raster and vector formats
    * Batch processing of 48-bit images
    * Connection to ODBC SQL data sources
    * Publication of the database on a network with thumbnails

    ThumbsPlus Professional 9.3.0 Build 3953 + Plugins

    Released : 2015
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1
    Interface English
    Activation : Present
    Size of archive : 66,48 Mb

    Download ThumbsPlus Professional 9.3.0 Build 3953 + Plugins

    Download ThumbsPlus Professional 9.3.0 Build 3953 + Plugins for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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