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    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.1 Portable by PortableWares + Rus

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    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.1 Portable by PortableWares + Rus

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom combines photos into "collections" - a virtual gathering of files, which can quickly do a search.It stores information about keywords, preview and metadata for each image file, and in a centralized database (engine SQLite).Therefore, the database can be accessed at the photos, which are now in the archives on DVD. The size is significantly smaller than the Bridge, it runs faster and uses less memory.
    In general, Lightroom is designed exclusively to photographers who are interested in processing and cataloging of photographs, rather than integration of everything.Another feature of the package Photoshop Lightroom - division of work with images in separate stages. For each of them is a functional module with the appropriate set of tools and palettes settings.

    Additional Information:
    Functional capabilities of Lightroom include not only the RAW-converter and image processing, but also a powerful system of cataloging photographs, as well as tools for creating slide showsand web pages. As in many modern RAW-converters, in Lightroom uses the principle of non-destructive editing.This means that information about all the user performing operations and settings stored in the service file, while the original image remains unchanged.This approach allows us not only to minimize the likelihood of irreparable loss of the original processed images, but also allows you to create and print many different variantsthe same image without the need to maintain an appropriate number of full-length graphic files, quickly eat up free space on the hard disk. Upon completion of the work on the image, the user can save the processed version in a separate image file.

    The program has five modules:
    Loading, cataloging and searching photos (Library)
    Correction of color and tone of image parameters (Develop)
    Create a slide show (Slideshow)
    Print (Print)
    Creating Web Pages for publishing collections of images on the Internet (Web)

    Key Features Adobe Photoshop Lightroom:
    Intuitive environment with tools designed specifically for photographers.
    Organization, evaluation images and the insertion of copyright.
    Creating a preset image.
    Integration with Photoshop.
    Adjusting the settings of multiple images in one click.
    Cross-platform - 64-razradnoy architecture platforms Mac OS and Windows.
    Support for video DSLR - the interaction with most digital SLR cameras makes it easy to monitor and manage static pictures and video.
    Adding a watermark - embedding the logo (text or picture watermark) in the image, adjust the size, position and transparency.
    Faster image import - import interface is easy to navigate, provides clear visual indicators of where and how will be located photos after importing.
    Correcting perspective - the ability to non-destructive Vanishing pictures.
    Flexible print settings. Tools lets you drag one image or several images on the page, and then change their position and size.
    Correction lenses - correction of defects of lenses, such as a violation of the geometry, chromatic aberration, vignetting and so on. N.
    Uploading to the Internet - the ability to upload images to Facebook, SmugMug and Flickr. When you add comments to the pictures, these messages are instantly displayed in the library Adobe Photoshop Lightroom next to the relevant photographs.
    Creating a slideshow with music. Finished slide show easily spread in the shared by exporting (including high resolution).
    Photographing in conjunction with a computer - instant import and display a photo image after fixing the camera.
    Simulate film grain. Tools make it easy to control the grain parameters, which can be applied to the image to simulate the appearance of film

    System requirements:
    Intel® or AMD Athlon® processor with 64-bit support
    Microsoft® Windows® 7 1 with Service Pack, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
    OpenGL 3.3 and DirectX 10 capable graphics card for GPU related functionality
    2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
    2GB of available hard-disk space
    Internet connection required for Internet-based services

    Features Portable-version:
    • Portable version does not require installation.
    • Treatment performed.
    Run as administrator!

    1. The contents of the folder "RU" copy the folder with the program ... LightroomCCPortableAppLightroomCC
    This action files are replaced with a German text in the files with Russian text.
    2. Run the program. In the menu: Edit - Preference ... on the General tab, in the drop down box, select the Language: German
    3. Restart the program.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.1 Portable by PortableWares + Rus

    Graduation Year: 2015
    Interface language: Ml / Russian
    Treatment: not required
    Size: 223,12 MB

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