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    Maxthon Cloud Browser Final + Portable

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    Maxthon Cloud Browser Final + Portable

    Maxthon Cloud Browser (Cloudy browser Maxthon) for Windows uses a unique dvuhdvizhkovy design, combining Webkit and Trident. Fast and efficient, it quickly and correctly opens any page.Better support for HTML5 and complex of original features that no one else has, Maxthon allows users to easily share files and send them to a variety of devices and platforms. This stable release. Supports update.

    Cloud Browser Maxthon - it is a whole family of advanced, cloud-based Web browsers next generation that their joint work allows users to interact with the data without being tied to a single device or operating system.

    Maxthon Cloud represents a new era of Web surfing, based on an innovative approach to technology and processing of the user experience, which Maxthon so familiar. It is also the result of continuous dialogue with the global community Maxthon users since inception MyIE2.

    Maxthon's cloud platform allows other browsers go ahead and make the experience svoznoy web navigation a reality.

    Maxthon Cloud ecosystem is not limited to a single device or operating system:it transfers files, data and information from the Web browser session in the browser, not confined to one set of cloud products or devices.Simply put, Maxthon remove artificial restrictions on the type of device or operating system, placing all important for users in their network-connected device.

    Maxthon Cloud solves a fundamental problem that now faced by all users of the Internet: how to manage information, single and simple way by using a variety of devices. Doing this requires
    - Experience should be independent of the platform.
    Maxthon Cloud runs on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS.
    - Experience should be independent of the device.
    Cloud Maxthon lets just go with the Dell PC to a user's iPhone, and from there on the tablet Samsung Galaxy, and come back.
    - Experience should be established cloud.
    Each supported Maxthon cloud platform is tightly integrated into the innovative cloud engine C4 - a complex cloud applications that load, unload and synchronize browser dataamong its user devices.C4 provides effective interaction between platforms and types of devices, as well as full-featured, high-performance backup, sync and share data in the cloud. It also provides a distributed architecture for storage.

    Unique features Maxthon Cloud
    - Super speed: Maxthon uses an optimized engine that loads web pages and launch applications faster than any other browser.
    - Cloud sync: Maxthon synchronizes user data, history, and tabs on any platform.
    - Download in the cloud: the simultaneous storage of user downloads in the cloud.
    - Transmission through the clouds: you can send content (pages, text, images and links) from any web page to any device connected to the cloud Maxthon.
    - Share through Cloud: share web content with friends via Cloud Maxthon.

    What gives me the user?
    - Ease of use makes working with information in the network more convenient. Maxthon Cloud simplifies and standardizes the interaction with devices on different platforms.
    - Your website should be up to you. Maxthon will automatically synchronize your tabs, bookmarks, history, and settings to all your devices to the cloud.
    - Transmission through the clouds. It is easy to save and send content from any device to any other.
    - Works on all of your operating systems and devices. You are free! You no longer need to deal with the details of each system or device.
    - High speed. Cloud Maxthon Browser damn fast! Enjoy the speed of loading web pages and applications.
    - Cloud Maxthon makes web surfing completely cross-cutting


    - Cloud services Maxthon
    * Passing through the cloud: supports sending text, pictures, sites / links, and tabs on devices running iOS, Android or Mac.
    * Share through Cloud: share web content with friends via Cloud Maxthon.
    * Upload to Cloud: download supports various file formats and downloads them to "My Cloud" for the backups on any device.
    * Tabs in the cloud allows you to continue working with the place where you left off, automatically passing the browser tabs on devices with iOS, Android or Mac.
    * Cloud Sync automatically backs up your account data (bookmarks, settings, passwords, logins and other content) to other devices.

    - Comfortable for the eyes to read
    * Read mode: easy to view text arrays adjustable fonts and removing ads and other distractions.
    * Night Mode: Changes the screen brightness in low light ..

    - Even more comfortable web surfing
    * AutoComplete: Maxthon securely stores user names and passwords of visited sites, filling them when you visit.
    * Ad-Hunter: remove ads in one click and automatically blocks pop-up windows.
    * Insulated windows: users and gamers can simultaneously log in to multiple accounts on one site.
    * Resource sniffer: extracts all photos, built-in video and audio page, allowing you to download them in a single click.
    * Cloud Notes: save text notes, and allows you to access them anywhere, anytime. Available synchronization between Windows and Android.
    * Option "should not" helps protect against tracking beacons, and ad networks.

    - Extension Center
    * A variety of add-ons available for entertainment, information and social media.
    * Extensions are easy to install, and can manage them in one click.

    - Screen shots using Maxthon
    * Click the camera toolbar - you can easily and quickly make a screenshot of an entire webpage in a single click!

    - Security and privacy
    * Security technology identifies sites you visit resources and lets you know how much they are reliable and safe.
    * Maxthon automatically blocks malicious websites and phishing attempts.
    * To preserve the history of navigation, start the session in the Secret browser window.

    Installing and Upgrading
    1. Unzip the archive in the selected directory, and the program is ready to work.
    2. If and you had an earlier version of the program, to save all your settings unpack / copy / transfer of halyards papkm MaxthonPortable, located in the archive, a folder with a program agreed on a replacement.

    Changes in Maxthon Cloud Browser
    Main Frame
    -Optimezed Malicious websites shielding
    -Optimized Update Notification
    -Fixed Multi-search setting compatibility problem
    -Fixed One RSS leak

    * Fixed one flash filtering problem
    * Fixed canvas can not display SVG
    * Fixed Popup block does not display blocked urls correctly
    * Fixed Error after taking repeatedly screenshots

    Maxthon Cloud Browser Final + Portable

    Released: 2015
    Operating system: Windows All
    Interface language: Russian
    Activation : Not necessary
    File size:38,99 Mb / 34,15 Mb

    Download Maxthon Cloud Browser Final

    Download Maxthon Cloud Browser Final Portable

    Download Maxthon Cloud Browser Final + Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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