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    Magic Partition Recovery 2.3 RePack by Diakov

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    Magic Partition Recovery 2.3 RePack by Diakov

    Magic Partition Recovery It is designed to work with both the existing partitions and spoiled, remote and not accessible disks. The program will help you not only to recover lost files, and restore the entire disk structure: file and folder names, their location, etc.

    The algorithm used in the program will carefully analyze the selected media, to find all the topics that ever existed on it, and to restore any files and foldersIt has not yet been overwritten with new information. These files could be lost after formatting, failure of the system, clearing the Recycle Bin, a virus attack or removed without the use of a basket.The program, which can be downloaded for free, recovers all types of files: photos, documents, music, video, databases, compressed files, executable programs, etc.

    Sometimes, if not handled with removable media or simple failure, the system can not display its contents, and writes that the disk must be formatted or simply did notsees. Magic Partition Recovery restores absolutely any disks and files, damaged or lost in a variety of situations.In addition to the hard disk, the program supports any type of storage media (USB-disks, mp3-players, digital cameras, cameras, flash cards, memory cards, mobile phones etc.).A built-in preview allows you to preview the file before its restoration. The program interface is simple and similar to the standard guide MS Windows.This product is very easy to use and available to anyone - both experienced and novice.If you are looking for files that are recently deleted, you do not have to wait until the program will analyze any media, use the quick scan, which takes place justa few seconds.The product not only allows you to save the recovered files to your hard drives or removable, and burn them to CD / DVD-media, create ISO-image and upload to the Internet to FTP-server.A user-friendly step by step wizard with detailed instructions to guide you through all the way: from the choice of media analysis to save deleted files.

    Restores corrupted and inaccessible partition. The program recovers the logical structure of the disk, so that is possible to recover files even if the missing or heavily damaged file table.
    Recovers files from deleted and formatted disks.The product can completely restore all of the data from any media: existing, inaccessible or damaged, deleted, formatted or reformatted under the new file system, etc.The program will find sections that have ever been on the selected destination, and will help to restore to them all the information.
    It supports all types of file systems: FAT12 / 16/32, NTFS and NTFS5. Magic Partition Recovery supports all types of file systems running MS Windows, including modern versions of NTFS, used in Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP.
    Restores all types of files. The product is completely restores all files, regardless of the types of documents, photos, music, video, databases, compressed files, executable programs ...
    Recovers from any storage media. The program supports all types of media (hard drives, USB-disks, mp3-players, digital cameras, flash cards, memory cards, mobile phones etc.).
    Recovers files deleted without Recycle Bin («Shift» + «Del»). Many programs when you delete a file from the disk do not use the cart. Even though these files are not present, you can find them on disk and restore. You can also restore the halyards, deleted from the Recycle Bin.
    Designed for MS Windows. It supports all operating systems Microsoft Windows: 8/7 / Vista / XP / 2008 Server / 2003/2000 / NT / 9x.
    Instant analysis. The program provides an opportunity to "quick scan": the search for deleted files from existing media, which takes just a few seconds.
    Recovers data lost after virus attacks or software errors. If your system has undergone virus attacks, it could be deleted some files.Some programs also can delete files when they are accessed. You can restore these files using Magic Partition Recovery.
    Search files by content. Built-in "Deep Analysis" allows you to find even those files whose names have repeatedly overwritten with new ones. In other words, you can locate and recover files deleted months ago.
    Recovery Wizard files. Easy step by step wizard with detailed instructions guide the user through all the way: from the choice of the carrier to save deleted files.
    Execution-style standard Explorer Windows Explorer. Using Magic Partition Recovery, you can view the contents of the disc as a standard Explorer MS Windows.The only difference is that here, in addition to existing files and folders you see deleted. Deleted files and folders are marked with a special red cross. This helps you to easily find and retrieve the required data.
    Save Wizard. Recovered files can not only save to your hard and removable drives, and burn them to CD / DVD-media also has the ability to unload the recovered data to FTP-server.
    Preview function. Built-in preview function allows you to view the file contents before its restoration.
    Work with disk images. The program has a function of creating the image of a logical partition or the entire physical media. This allows you to work with a copy of the data carrier, which reduces the chance of data loss as a result of unskilled user actions.
    Restoring compressed files. The NTFS file system enables you to compress files to save disk space. The program can view and restore these files and folders.
    Search Option. Extended search option allows you to search for files and folders on a mask, indicating the full name or part of the file name. Also you can search them by date, size and many other parameters.
    Built-in HEX-editor. The program provides a HEX-editor, which allows you to view the contents of files, logical partitions or physical disks.This powerful tool allows you to see which sectors the file is located on a carrier of any partition is a physical disk. If you want to view a logical drive, you see his boot area, the file table, etc.
    The forecast recovery. When analyzing the disk, the program immediately predicts as much as possible to restore every file.

    Features RePack'a:
    Type: setup.
    Language: ML (Russian default).
    Cut: nothing.
    Activation performed (key).
    • Silent install / S
    • It is also possible to select the directory for installation: After all the keys you need to add the / D = Example: fayl_ustanovki.exe / S / D = C: Program

    Magic Partition Recovery 2.3 RePack by Diakov

    Graduation Year: 2015
    OC: Of Windows 8 / XP / Vista / 7
    Interface language: ML / Russian
    Activation: cured
    Size: 13,96 Mb

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    Download Magic Partition Recovery 2.3 RePack by Diakov for Windows 7, 8, 10
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