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    SynWrite 6.16.1985 Final + Portable

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    SynWrite 6.16.1985 Final + Portable

    SynWrite Editor - A powerful text editor for programmers and users. SynWrite - source code editor, supports development programs in more than 70 languages.Including Java, C ++, javascript, Pascal, Perl, HTML, XML, PHP, SQL and others. SynWrite has TDI-interface, and so allows you to open multiple files in separate tabs. In addition, the SynWrite has a number of support tools to facilitate coding.

    Basic features of the program:
    - Customizable syntax highlighting for many languages
    - Fully customizable highlightings
    - Code Folding
    - FTP / SFTP-client
    - Support almost all encodings
    - Support Zen Coding / Emmet
    - Insert the img tag
    - Minimize the source code of programming languages ​​in a tree structure
    - Auto-completion
    - Auto-closing tags
    - The ability to sync-related identifiers
    - Options for editing the same identifiers
    - Search and replace with regular expressions
    - External support tools (capture console, navigation errors)
    - Customizable keyboard shortcuts
    - Panel clipboard
    - Macros
    - Project management
    - Synchronization mode texts
    - File Explorer
    - Bookmarks
    - Markers columns
    - Templates
    - Support for HTML Tidy
    - Export to RTF and HTML
    - Use as a plugin for Total Commander
    - Small size and low memory consumption
    - A text editor is a portable version
    - And countless other possibilities ...

    Additional Information:

    Another interesting tool that can often be found in large development environments - SyncEdit. For example, in one large piece of code you need to change the name of one variable.To do this, select a predetermined portion of the code and enable SyncEdit. Then just change the name of a variable in a single place - the rest of it will be replaced automatically.
    - In addition, the SynWrite has a number of support tools to facilitate coding. For example, auto-complete lets you fill in all the necessary elements just beginning to write his name.
    - Also SynWrite supported by a set of plug-ins to speed up writing code in HTML, CSS and XSL.
    - The program has a very comfortable SynWrite navigation system on the file: search is carried out quickly and easily. Supports bookmarks, tabs, and skins. You can see the file open in any browser, it is possible to produce export to HTML or RTF.
    - If you are programming, you should try SynWrite, maybe there is something that you were not enough earlier in other editors.

    Changes in version 5.9.940
    * Removed dlg "File properties" (must be a plugin; maybe from me, or not)
    * Removed cmds for column markers (set, jump left, jump right); it's plugin "Column Markers"
    * Removed cmds "Jump over mixed-case name" (must be a plugin to easier support, to support Unicode upcase)
    * Installer: hide filenames crap
    - Fix: "repeat last cmd" for some paste cmd

    SynWrite 6.16.1985 Final + Portable

    Released : 2015
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Interface : Multi / Russian
    Activation : not required
    Size of archive : 12,64 Mb / 14,37 Mb

    Download SynWrite 6.16.1985

    Download SynWrite 6.16.1985 Portable

    Download SynWrite 6.16.1985 Final + Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
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