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    Total Commander 8.51a RuneBit Edition 1.5 ML / RUS

    Category: Software | Updated: 9/10/2015, 4:01
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    Total Commander 8.51a RuneBit Edition 1.5 ML / RUS

    Functional assembly Total Commander with good plug-ins extend the functionality and portability is very useful software. The basis was taken for a long time the old Podarok Edition, which has evolved in this assembly with the updated / replaced with versions for updating software.

    There is nothing extra, no cumbersome offices and Photoshop to assemble! Only need to plug-ins and tools for system administrators / advanced users for different situations.Initially, the assembly was made for himself, but decided to share since I think that everyone can choose among numerous options Total Commander the most appropriate option, and finished it, if necessary. The assembly is tested many times on different equipment.All portable programs run on the original operating system installed (for assembly can not vouch), most of the programs run in Windows PE depends on the assembly of Windows PE, but usually all programs and work there.

    Each panel icons in the end there is a Help icon i, describes the program and its purpose, it is recommended reading for those who are studying for the first time such software.

    Before installing, make sure that you do not to roll on top of the previous version, in order to avoid mistakes.
    Run the installer, then follow the prompts. If you do not need a desktop shortcut, uncheck assembly still portable.

    Update History 01/31/15
    + Build fully remade manually clean, the original version of Total Commander 8.51a to the level RuneBit
    + Recreate the folder and file names in a more decent look for simple and clear links to WinCmd.ini
    + Himself WinCmd.ini cleaned of debris and formatted in a readable format with comments
    + All the following additional settings are saved under the commentary; ----- permissions and other settings ------
    + Now history is stored separately in History.ini, so as not to clutter up WinCmd.ini. In addition to the last path and sort columns, each time not to re-adjust
    To clear the history, just carry History.ini with closed Commander
    + Updated version of the plug-ins, some are replaced by one (archive), remove those that are duplicated a portable software
    such as Autoruns tool from the toolbar and Auto in FS-plugins
    + Add new plug-ins for users'
    + Added color schemes for Commander
    + Add powerful calculator that can work with brackets, roots, powers, etc., is located next to the virtual keyboard, if there is a situation with no real Claudia
    + Added useful utilities-portable (Unlocker, KeePass, Defraggelr etc.)
    + Replaced problem porteybly more friendly to different systems
    (again, I repeat, in different assemblies WinPE, depending on their truncatedness can not run even the simplest porteybly, use RuneBit Flash :))
    + Added more programs / plugins for video / audio files on systems without codecs, as well as reading DJVU, PDF, FB2, etc.
    + Added button on and off the internal file associations. They defaul included (!) To let users on systems without the codecs and the Internet open, such as mkv.
    Therefore, if these associations do not need you, you're used to using other programs, turn them off.
    + Fixed Clone Remover

    CRC32: 195AA4EF
    MD5: 8B37B7E6DD5243E47EC46C26A1AE8776
    SHA-1: 39F20B6A67D26E0D784F550C383C6E16D8AAFCFF

    Total Commander 8.51a RuneBit Edition 1.5 ML / RUS

    Year: 2015
    OS: Windows XP / 7/8/8
    Interface language: ML / Russian
    Tablet: Cured
    Size: 233 MB

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