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    Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​Premium RePack / Portable

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    Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​Premium RePack / Portable

    Auslogics BoostSpeed program, one of the most popular SEO, which includes a complete set of tools for complete customization and optimization of your operating system.The program optimizes computer memory, accelerates loading Windows, the performance of Microsoft Office, The Bat, FireFox, Opera, Skype, cleans the registry and disk.

    BoostSpeed ​​contains a famous Auslogics Disk Defrag, and a set of new tools for today's computers.After defragmenting the registry BoostSpeed-ohm, computer speed increase by reducing the fragmentation of the registry files, reducing their size, as well as by eliminating errors in the registry.In addition, this program offers powerful cleaning registry and disk, which in turn will allow your computer to work more quickly and efficiently.The utility allows you to quickly and accurately tune your system for maximum performance.Built in System Adviser will check the settings of your system using 50 different tests and offer you advice on each test. The program is a real-time checks your system and if it finds that some of the parameters can be optimized, be sure to notify you

    New features:
    Easy navigation
    Absolute BoostSpeed ​​6 new interface makes it easy to manage the program. All utilities and functions quickly accessible.The main tasks - disk cleaning, fixing registry errors and defragmenting files can be performed with just a few mouse clicks! The program displays the current status of the computer and, if necessary, propose to perform a system check.

    File Recovery
    If you accidentally delete the wrong file, a document or a photo - you can use a new tool BoostSpeed ​​5 - File Recovery.This program can recover any type of deleted files from hard disk, USB-drive or digital camera memory card. Thanks to the preview files You can quickly find and recover exactly what you need.

    Search disk errors
    With this tool, you can check your hard disk for file system errors.In case of unreadable sectors, Disk Doctor restores the data stored in the sector and transfers them to the newly allocated cluster. Thus, with this program you can monitor the status of your hard drive and prevent data loss.

    Browse CDs
    Another new tool - Disk Explorer, will help you to control the use of disk space on the hard drive.With this program you will learn which folders, files, and file types (video, music, documents, etc.) occupy most of the space on your hard drive. Quickly release the disk space will help you list of "Top-100 files", showing the largest files on your hard drive.

    • Disk Cleaner. It removes junk files that slow your computer
    • Disk Defrag. Defragment drives and optimizes system files location
    • Registry Cleaner. It removes thousands of registry errors, and increases the stability of your computer
    • Registry Defrag. Defragments the registry, and reduces memory usage
    • Disk Doctor. Finds and fixes bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors
    • Internet Optimizer. Optimizes the default settings for your Internet connection
    • Track Eraser. Removes the history of computer use and the Internet to protect your privacy
    • Disk Wiper. Overwrites free space on the disk and prevents the recovery of deleted information
    • File Shredder. Deletes selected files on disks and USB-carriers so that they can not be restored
    • File Recovery. Restores files accidentally deleted from disks, USB-devices and cameras
    • Duplicate File Finder. It helps to find and remove duplicate files that knowingly take up disk space
    • Services Manager. Disable unnecessary services that can slow down your computer
    • Startup Manager. It allows you to manage the programs that start with Windows
    • Uninstall Manager. Completely uninstall programs that you no longer need
    • Tweak Manager. It allows you to adjust hundreds of your Windows, to speed up your computer
    • Task Manager. Shows all running processes, services and locked files
    • Disk Explorer. Displays files that occupy the most space on disk
    • System Information. Displays detailed information about your hardware and software

    Features RePack versions:
    • Type: Installation | Unpacking
    • Languages: RU | EN
    • Treatment is conducted [Kindly / RBC].
    • Cut: video, eula
    • Added: Language.exe, LanguagePortable.exe

    Command line:
    • Silent installation: / V
    • Quiet unpacking: / V / P
    • Do not create a desktop shortcut: / ND
    • Do not create a shortcut in the "Start»: / NS
    • Attach the label in the taskbar: / T
    • Attach the label in the menu "Start»: / S
    • If you already have a license key: / NReg
    • Language - Russian: default
    • Language - English: / E
    • Selecting a location: / D = path
    Key / D = path should be the latest
    Example: Auslogics_BoostSpeed_Premium_v7.7.0.exe / V / P / D = "C: BoostSpeed ​​Portable"

    Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​Premium RePack / Portable

    Graduation Year: 2015
    OC: Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
    Language: ML / Russian
    Medicine: Cured
    Size: 15 Mb

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    Download Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​Premium RePack / Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
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