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    AntiSMS 7.2 Final

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    AntiSMS 7.2 Final

    AntiSMS - Program + boot disk, designed for automatic treatment of computer programs-extortionists, blockers and Trojans Trojan.Winlock, that block of Windows, requiring the user to send an SMS to unlock the system. It allows even inexperienced users to unlock Windows in 5 minutes and completely free.When the computer starts from the boot disk AntiSMS program automatically performs all the necessary actions for the treatment of the infected system.

    If you are an experienced user:
    • After starting AntiSMS and reboot into a working system, do a quick check of Antivirus.
    • Run msconfig and visually check the startup items and services, if necessary, including those that are safe, but were cut off due to lack of digital signature.

    If you are a new user:
    • Download the boot image and burn it to a disk or flash drive.
    • Boot with this disk and start AntiSMS icon on the desktop.
    • Reboot into a working system and do a quick check of Antivirus.
    • Click Start -> Run -> msconfig -> Normal Startup -> OK. This will enable all the startup back, but no Trojans. If the restart is a problem, so long as no antivirus detects this Trojan; in this case, re-start AntiSMS not perform this step.
    • If the Internet is not working after virus - AntiSMS start working in the system and reset the network settings.

    Program features:
    • The program works with any number of drives, systems and users, x86 and x64 from WinXP or higher.
    • Delete autorun.inf files in the root of each logical drive, if they exist.
    • The user profile is deleted the executable files from the folder where they should not be.
    • Completely clean the system and user temporary folders.
    • All non-standard entries in the hosts file are commented out.
    • Autoplay on all devices except the drive is disconnected.
    • Critical registry locations (such as Shell and Userinit) will be restored.
    • All temporary startup key (like the RunOnce and RunOnceEx) will be cleared.
    • All debuggers system processes in the Image File Execution Options are removed.
    • All restrictions (Policies) users and the system will be deleted.
    • In the software restriction policy will be issued an unlimited level.
    • All unsigned service will be disabled via msconfig can be restored after the system boots.
    • All the unsigned files from the startup registry keys are disabled, you can recover through msconfig.
    • Unplug the unsigned files in the Startup folder, you can restore through msconfig.
    • Unsigned scheduled tasks are renamed to * .bak, so you can restore.
    • You can restore the network settings of the operating system after their violation Trojans.
    • restores the run executable files.
    • From the Startup folder and registry startup scripts are removed, you can restore through msconfig.
    • In Windows 7, also added to msconfig startup items off time and services.
    • For Windows XP x86 reset to boot in safe mode.
    • For WinXP x86, Vista x86-x64 and Win7-8 x86-x64 restored basic system files if they are not signed.
    • cures all known MBR-blockers, a backup of the infected sector is saved in Backup.
    • The saving custom MBR, it will heal faster unknown Trojans.
    • Implemented a deep cleaning of the system from malicious actions of Trojans.
    • The Startup folders are treated as labels, unsigned can be restored through msconfig.
    • correctly identify all areas, no matter how mixed their letters in WinPE.
    • The boot disk supports exFAT and contains the latest drivers controllers.
    • Properly processed parameter AppInit_DLLs, removed from it only unsigned library.
    • Backup files and logs of the program are stored in the% Temp% AntiSMS.
    • Supported database software files scanned Universal Virus Sniffer.
    • Check service library services unsigned drivers are entered in the log, but does not trip.
    • Remove static routes and created the reg-file to be restored from a working system.
    • A folder with the report and archived backups on the road% WinDir% AntiSMS, so that they could check the antivirus experts.
    • The boot drive Based on Windows XP adds support for GPT-sections.
    • Added a bootable disk-based Windows 8 from Xemom1 for new computers, the necessary minimum - 512 MB of RAM.

    Changes in AntiSMS 7.2 from 01/14/2015
    Added AntiSMS integrated update function via the Internet.
    Significantly improved the definition of variables in the path file.
    Supplemented blacklist manufacturers malware.
    Added a new type of malicious treatment shortcuts.

    Hash sums ISO-images:

    md5 dab90c451bbca6346621f0704d500d75
    hash cfaaaf94509e42b73eb528b790e39aaa

    md5 493be4f17f320f8802315da7b8670b9b
    hash 08c8fc8f24c8325d1ed3cce08a9c4c45

    AntiSMS 7.2 Final

    Platform : Windows® PE
    Interface : Russian
    Activation : Not required
    Size : 28,41 Mb / 59,96Mb / 131,24 Mb

    Download AntiSMS 7.2 Rus Final (for use in its WinPE)

    Download AntiSMS 7.2 Rus Final (based on WinXP)

    Download AntiSMS 7.3 Rus Final (based Win8)

    Download AntiSMS 7.2 Final for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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