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    MusicBee 2.5.5460 Beta Portable

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    MusicBee 2.5.5460 Beta Portable

    MusicBee functional music player with a wide range of different options.The program has the ability to work with playlists, a powerful tag editor, a built-in audio converter and CD-ripper, has support for podcasts and audiobooks, and automatically download information from the Internet (album art, lyrics, information about the artists and others.).

    This program will make the organization of your music collection, including on mobile devices. It has a built-in player, featuring superb quality playback.Player program has built-in equalizer with a set of ready-made "presets" also allows you to create your own configuration settings to store the frequency.

    MusicBee player can play music in all major audio formats, operating playlists and online broadcasting, and there MusicBee and built-in support of the largest directory of networkradio Shoutcast. During playback, the program automatically downloads MusicBee various information from the Internet - album covers, lyrics, information about artists from various sources and even relevant videos from YouTube.

    Key features MusicBee:
    Supports most popular audio formats.
    Built-in file organizer.
    Tag editor.
    10/15-band equalizer.
    The availability of "Auto-DJ" (creating a playlist based on user-defined criteria).
    Integrated CD-ripper.
    Availability DSP effects.
    File synchronization, podcasts, and playlists to mobile players, including the iPod touch / iPhone, MTP- and USB-devices.
    Built-in audio converter.
    Have intelligent volume control.
    Possibility of online broadcasting (there is support for the largest network of radio stations Shoutcast directory, and others.)
    Support for podcasts and audiobooks.
    Automatically add music to the library.
    The presence of the search.
    Filtering by various criteria.
    Automatic download information from the Internet (album art, lyrics, information about the artists and others.).
    Support for plug-ins.
    The automatic shutdown.

    Main features: fully assembled portable, ie not "prescribed" in the system and does not leave traces ...
    as regards the creation of a new library, you can create it in any directory: sandbox folder or in any other place .., in any case, it will also be included in the portable-build configuration for this operating system ..)

    MusicBee 2.5.5460 Beta Portable

    Graduation Year: 2014
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Language: Ml / Russian
    Activation: not required
    Size of archive: 14 MB

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    Download MusicBee 2.5.5460 Beta Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
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