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    Advanced SystemCare Pro RePack by Diakov

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    Advanced SystemCare Pro RePack by Diakov

    Advanced SystemCare a package comprising a plurality of modules for optimization, tuning and improve computer performance.The application allows you to clean your computer from spyware and adware, find and eliminate possible threats and security breach OS, fix bugs in the system registry, clean up temporary and unwanted files, manage lists autoloads, optimize the performance of your PC.

    Distinctive features in version Pro:
    Performs full range of services to achieve the best performance. Simple cleaning of the registry can not provide a really serious increase in speed.Advanced SystemCare Pro combines clean registry, defragment, fine-tuning the system, restoration of damaged labels, removing personal information from the temporary file removalunnecessary files, recovery and disk optimization and much more - all you need to get your computer running like new.
    It detects and removes more problems with security and performance.We have developed an innovative technology "Deep Scan" program provides Advanced SystemCare PRO highest percentage of detection of problems among peers, which allows you to find the root of the trouble with your computer.
    Simpler and easier to use. No need to be a professional and know a lot about computers. All that is needed - to install the program, click the mouse a few times, and your computer running like new again.
    It recommended by many users. The program Advanced SystemCare Pro combines inherited from previous versions of the ease of use with more powerful features.One click starts the scan and removal of dozens of different problems on the computer and activate the machine protection from a variety of hidden security threats.

    Key features:
    It supports the highest performance of your computer.Fully optimizes Windows, giving exceptional performance and high speed Internet by releasing its own power system, depending on the nature of yourwith PCs and network configuration. The program turns your PC into a business machine, a productive workstation, an entertainment center, a game machine, and scientific computing centers.
    Protects your computer. Scans and analyzes information security features in Windows.Detects and removes spyware and adware using the latest database to prevent intruders install malicious applications on your computer. Erases and updates the history of the use of your computer.
    One mouse click removes 10 of the most common problems on your computer. Advanced SystemCare Pro combines ease of use, inherited from the previous versions, with more powerful features.One click starts the scan and removal of the ten major problems with your PC and protect it from hidden security threats.
    Optimization in real time. Function ActiveBoost. Technology ActiveBoost continuously running in the background and detects unused resources. Properly redistributing resources system technology ensures maximum efficiency of the processor and memory.
    More than 20 unique tools for PC maintenance.Advanced SystemCare Pro includes the latest version of Toolbox IObit's, with more than 20 unique tool for daily maintenance of computer and advanced needs.Toolbox provides a set of tools to clean, optimize and repair systems, tools for improving the security of the system and tools for complete control over the computer.
    Cloud technologies provide a timely update of the database. The new "cloud" technology provides a timely update of the database, which allows to obtain the latest settings for system configuration and malware signatures.
    Set up optimal performance for work or for play. Now you can choose between two options option Turbo Boost - operating mode and Mode Games. In addition, the setting of each mode is now available on the main screen.
    Deep cleaning and optimizing registry. Totally secure registry cleaning of debris, compression and defragmentation of the registry ensures the highest possible performance.The program finds and eliminates even those errors in the registry, which passed the other programs that do not have a deep scan technology.
    Automatically it works in the background. This powerful utility works continuously in the background of your computer, without the need for attention, fully automatically. You can customize the work on schedule, or simply allow to optimize the operation when the computer is not busy.
    The new user interface consumes less resources and faster. With the new interface, Advanced SystemCare Pro runs faster and uses less system resources.
    The new architecture from scratch and rewrite the code for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Improvements allow your computer to work more efficiently and more stable than before stabilizing operation even older systems.
    Improved module "Maintenance" with more powerful functions and optimize cleaning. Improvements in module "service" include such functions as "Optimization at startup", which more effectively scans your PC for potential problems.
    Powerful hard drive defragmentation. Fast, powerful and incredibly effective Disk Defragmenter function eliminates disk fragmentation up to 10 times faster compared to peers.

    Features RePack'a:
    Type: setup.
    Language: ML.
    Activation performed (replacement DLL).
    Cut: nothing.
    Silent Installation: / S

    Advanced SystemCare Pro RePack by Diakov

    Released: 2014
    OC: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
    Language: Multi / Russian
    Activation: do not
    Size: 43,13 Mb

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