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    PassGold 3.0 Final + Portable Rus

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    PassGold 3.0 Final + Portable Rus

    PassGold used to store passwords, addresses, usernames, web addresses and other records. He has several degrees of protection, including SpyWare from keyloggers and recognition of weak passwords. The program uses the most resistant to existing encryption keys segodneshny day.

    In the "Password Keeper" is recording the necessary information that is needed on the Internet. Such as: login, password, address, Web-pages, Mail-addresses, comments.For user convenience, a shortcut is a function of the recorded web page or call -Programs Mail, as well as copying information to the clipboard in the "one-click".

    In "Phonebook", you can store information about the person you are interested. Name, address, phone, mail and so on. All information is stored in a single file, the file is protected from direct access.
    Also, the program automatically makes Backup database in a format ZIP.

    Program features:
    * Unlimited creation of groups.
    * Edit and delete groups
    * Installing and replacing the icon for the group.
    * Move entries into groups.
    * Unlimited creation of Web - links
    * Unlimited creation of E-Mail - links
    * Unlimited creation of a telephone number, etc.
    * Displays information about the group
    * Support negranichennogo kollichestva skins for the program.
    * Change the color palette of the program.
    * Floating button.
    * Choose a skin for the floating button.
    * Setting the floating button.
    * Closing the program button.
    * Closing the tray.
    * Two options Buckap program.
    * Cleaning the Clipboard (protection against SpyWare)
    * Virtual keyboard (protection Keylogger)
    * Password Generator
    * Determining the degree of reliability of the password
    * Archive weakest password (more than 23,000)
    * Check the archive to identify weak passwords
    * Information about the new record
    * Display entries by groups
    * Closing the program in the "button" or "tray"
    * Change the transparency of the "start button"
    * Quick start Web address
    * Quick Launch Mail Address
    * Copy data to the clipboard with one click.
    * Online data search
    * Sort the data alphabetically and back.
    * Automatic saving of data in a format ZIP.
    * Protection from running a second instance of the program
    * Set a password for the database user.
    * Change the text size.
    * Hide password characters.
    * Selection of skins, and more.

    What's new in version 3.0:
    1. Filtering phonebook by name.
    2. Set the photos.
    3. Maintain Log file.
    4. Additional protection of a button.
    5. Additional protection from the tray.
    6. Secure the closure of the program.
    7. Improved editing function.
    9. Rewritten the structure database.
    10. Fixed bugs

    PassGold 3.0 Final + Portable Rus

    Released: 2014
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface: Russian
    Activation: not required
    Size of archive: 5 Mb / 11 Mb

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