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    Systweak Disk Speedup Final (ML / RUS)

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    Systweak Disk Speedup Final (ML / RUS)

    Systweak Disk Speedup simple and at the same time reliable program to defragment your hard disk. Improves system performance by optimizing disk effectively. The process is automated and requires minimal user presence.

    After using Disk Speedup increases overall system performance, reduced load times and response times, faster access to the files.The app allows you to check the hard drive with the provision of more information about their condition and performance. The results of these tests are available to the user in an accessible graphical format.

    In addition to defragmenting the hard disk, the application has a means to optimize the information on the disk, including the search for and delete bad files, duplicate files, temporary files, etc.There are integrated tools for correcting a number of errors on the disk. This reduces startup time PC reduces the probability of failure of the whole system and reduces the response time when accessing files.

    Features and Systweak Disk Speedup:
    • Effectively optimizes and defragments the disk.
    • Speeds up PC boot
    • Increases the speed of data access
    • Check the hard drives and to provide detailed information on their general condition.
    • Scanning and safe removal of unwanted and temporary files.
    • Find duplicate files, with the ability to remove them.
    • scans the disk and fixes problems found in them.
    • Evaluation of performance drives.
    • Graphical representation of reports and analyzes of the disc.
    • Do not cause damage to the hard disk and the data stored on it.
    • Requires minimal system resources.

    Easy to use:
    • Disk Speedup has an advanced defragmentation technique and very easy to use. Computer users will be able to use the program very easy.

    Safe and reliable:
    • The program is designed so that the disk defragmentation and optimization she holds safely without damage to your hard drive and the data stored on it. The program is completely safe and reliable in use.

    The minimum space required for defragmentation:
    • Disk Speedup works on hard drives, even with a very small area of ​​space.

    Effectively optimize and defragment your hard disk:
    • Defragment your data effectively and efficiently organize files, to speed up access times and improve overall system performance.

    Clean up your system from unnecessary files safely:
    • System Cleaner is a powerful tool from the Disk Speedup which allows you to scan your disks for unnecessary, temporary files and other unnecessary files. In addition, the program will help you remove the detected files and free space on your hard disk.

    It helps identify and remove duplicate files to improve the efficiency of data:
    • Quickly find duplicate files on your system and safely remove them. Duplicate Files cut precious disk space on your system by removing duplicate files and helps free up space, thereby increasing the efficiency of data.

    Bug fixes hard drive:
    • The program scans your disks and files for errors and correct them in the future to avoid any data loss.

    It checks the health of your hard drive:
    • Disk Speedup checks the health of your hard drive, and provides detailed information about the general state drives.

    Useful to evaluate the performance of disks:
    • It will help you analyze the hard disk to read / write speed to have an idea about the performance of the drive.

    Disk Information:
    • You can easily get the information on the hard disk. The program shows the components and displays information about the disk space capacity, buffer size, status and capacity of the boot on the sector. It is very useful to know when your hard drive is full!

    A graphical representation of the report analyzes the disk:
    • The analysis process, disk fragmentation and defragmentation is displayed in graphical form. The utility calculates and displays the percentage of fragmentation on the disk in an easy to understand graphical representation. It also shows the disk analysis report.

    Systweak Disk Speedup Final (ML / RUS)

    Graduation Year: 2014
    OS: A Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface language: ML / Russian
    Activation: key
    Size: 5.4 Mb

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