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    WinZip System Utilities Suite 2.7.1100.16429 (Multi / Rus)

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    WinZip System Utilities Suite 2.7.1100.16429 (Multi / Rus)

    WinZip released a set of useful system utilities called System Utilities SuiteBy which the user will be able to engage in service the computer running the operating system Windows.The package includes nearly two dozen useful tools designed to clean the hard disk, data protection, system optimization, and solution of a number of other everyday tasks.

    WinZip System Utilities Suite includes a set of easy-to-use tools that provide quick relief from the file "garbage" accumulated on the PC hard disk.A couple of clicks on the button you can clear your cache and browser history, remove invalid registry entries, to get rid of temporary and obsolete files and other unnecessary moredata. As additional measures to ensure a more stable and productive work systems offered defragmenting your disk data, correcting errors in the Windows registry, and others.

    According to the developers, WinZip System Utilities Suite will help to avoid problems in the PC, as well as guarantee the protection of systems and data against common threats, software and hardware failures andother troubles.Users will be able to carry out regular checks of your hard disk for errors, for the safe removal of confidential information to protect files from unauthorized accesspassword and destroy the traces of user activity, which may be an indirect cause of data leakage.Attention owners of computers available backup and recovery, and the utility «Undelete» help recover files that have been deleted due to hardware failure, virus attack or careless actions of the user.

    Built-in optimization to help maximize the performance of the system.WinZip System Utilities Suite will take over the management of memory resources, self-update outdated hardware drivers, and fine-tune the operating system with minimal intervention from the user.

    WinZip System Utilities Suite - a comprehensive solution to clean, protect and optimize your PC:
    - Cleaning - utility-cleaners remove obsolete and is no longer necessary system files, fix registry errors, eliminate duplicate files and free the unused memory to increase performance.
    - Protection - Tools to protect and restrict access to the data will be removed hidden paths to the private data, provide an opportunity to completely remove private data, encrypt and protect specialimportant personal user files, create backups of essential files and documents, and automatically recover accidentally deleted data files.
    - Optimization - optimization tools provide a quick and effective functioning of the system by updating the device drivers, defragment your hard disk drive test to detect file system errors or hardware failures, as well as removing unnecessary programs.

    WinZip System Utilities Suite 2.7.1100.16429 (Multi / Rus)

    Released: 2014
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface: Multi / Russian
    Tablet: keygen Vovan666
    Size: 14.05 Mb

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