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    VMWare ThinApp Enterprise 5.0.1 Build 1801916

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    VMWare ThinApp Enterprise 5.0.1 Build 1801916

    VMware ThinApp - A tool for creating portable versions of various applications.VMWare ThinApp packages the application in a container that contains all the information you need to work on any computer without having to install the application. With this software does not affect or alter the current state of the operating system.

    The only archiving and implementation at any point (Network, USB, physical and virtual desktops)
    • Implement virtualized applications in user mode, without administrative rights. No need to install device drivers and edit the registry, becausethe program and its virtual OS are delivered as a single EXE. Transparently stream large applications from a network drive shared without the client or server software.Upgrade or roll back applications even while they work. The new version will be launched at next use.

    The use of mobile devices
    • Users will be able to run applications on virtually any computer to which they have access, including personal computers in the kiosks and hotels.No need to install software or drivers, and do not need admin rights. Applications run directly from removable storage devices including flash drives.

    Deliver software
    • Protecting the local operating system to changes that may lead to unstable or create security holes, using the existing tools settings.Even restricted user accounts can safely run virtualized applications without requiring a local installation; which makes the product more attractive to the IT-staff, concerns about security.

    Easy migration of operating systems and applications
    • Virtualization of applications without the agent ThinApp makes it easier to migrate operating systems, allowing applications to run together on the same operating system.Users can continue to operate as usual without disruption from problematic applications. Moreover, if the application needs to be removed from the final node - it will look like a simple file deletion without the need for "clean" registry.

    The process of creating portable-programs:
    • Take a snapshot of the system before installation.
    • Set the program; to it, if necessary, patches, additions, cracks (if tebuetsya reboot, then reboot).
    • Take a picture after the installation.
    • Select from the resulting list of desired program. The following is a comparison of images and automatically create a project folder Captures (by default). Edit the project.
    • Hit Build Now and get a portable-program in a folder bin.
    • Test the result on his "portability".

    VMWare ThinApp Enterprise 5.0.1 Build 1801916

    Graduation Year : 2014
    Operating system: Windows® XP | Vista | 7 & 8
    Interface language: English
    Activation: keygen
    Size: 60,25 Mb

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