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    Reg Organizer 6.50 Beta 1 Portable

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    Reg Organizer 6.50 Beta 1 Portable

    Reg Organizer - A multi-functional program, the main purpose of which is to work with the system registry and maintenance. With Reg Organizer you can clean the registry of errors and unnecessary entries, correct them, compress and defragment your registry files.

    Also available edits registry entries, including their export and import.Supported by search and replace records, tracking the state of registry keys, as well as a preview of REG files.Reg Organizer allows you to control the system automatically run the program and remove the garbage data that reserve many programs installed on your computer.

    Reg Organizer is able to find even those keys in the registry, which analogs are not able to find. In addition, with this program the user can change the settings use the cache and manage unloading unused libraries from memory.

    The utility allows you to view and edit the registry, preview the imported reg-files, including directly from Windows Explorer and much more.The search function in the registry provides an opportunity to make a deep search in the registry, finding all the keys related to a certain application.The program also supports the management configuration files of various types. The program has a pleasant and easy-to-use interface with multilingual support, including support for Russian language.

    Key features and functions of the program:
    Registry cleaner.
    • Able to identify many types of registry errors. This option includes search of incorrect references to files, folders and DLL-library and search deinstalyatsionnoy incorrect information.And find outdated or true file extensions. After determining the error, Reg Organizer is able to easily fix them.
    Defragmenting and compressing the registry.
    • Increases speed of interaction with the registry and consequently the overall performance of your system.
    Undocumented Features Windows.
    • Ability to improve undocumented settings of your system. In particular, Reg Organizer can speed up your system by sending it a command to increase the size of the cache memory or unloaded from memory is not used DLL-library.
    Monitoring changes.
    • Ability to obtain information about a specific branch of the registry and to monitor the changes in all its keys.
    Preview reg-files.
    • Before adding reg-files in the registry, you can view their contents in a tree-like form. This helps to visualize all keys that will be imported into the registry.
    Programs at startup.
    • Using Reg Organizer lets you easily manage startup programs when you start Windows.Sometimes, when you install the programs they prescribe for themselves and their modules in the autostart, adding a key in the registry branch. However, if you use the program constantly, you can remove it from avtozugruzki that it does not waste resources system.
    Snapshot registry.
    • This option allows you to take a snapshot of the registry to install any application, and compare it with the state of the registry after installation. So it is possible to identify all the changes made in the register or that program and to cancel them if necessary.
    Disk Cleanup tool.
    • Allows you to automatically find and remove unnecessary files on your hard disk. Also find all unused hotkey combination left, for example, after removing programs.

    What's new in version 6.50 beta 1?
    * New Tool "Auto program". It accumulates in functionality,
    which was previously in one of the tool parts "Important registry keys", and
    also includes the following improvements:
    1) Now, each of the many programs that run at startup,
    can be postponed by specifying an arbitrary period of time, through which
    it will be launched. Delaying the programs that are not needed immediately after
    booting the system, allowing it to accelerate reduction in working condition,
    ie when the user interface of the operating system and applications
    program starts without delay.
    2) Using the opportunity to build a postponement order
    download software when you log in.
    3) Slide the timeline boot.
    4) Showing more elements startup.
    5) Protecting the status of pending, disabled and deleted records
    startup and recovery this status if it has been modified
    the parent program.
    6) A simple change multiple records if necessary.
    7) Data extraction programs from startup digital signature
    if available from the program.
    * The instrument "Important sections of the registry," the most frequently used sections
    It is now located on top.

    Reg Organizer 6.50 Beta 1 Portable

    Graduation Year: 2014
    OC: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8
    Language: English Russian
    Activation: Sew
    Size: 12 Mb

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