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    1Password 4.3 (Mac OC X)

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    1Password 4.3 (Mac OC X)

    Title: 1Password 4.3
    Publication Type: OS X Software
    Supported OS: OS X 10.8.4 +
    Interface language: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian and others.
    Treatment: not required (the installer is already disinfected)
    Size: 58,42 Mb

    System requirements:
    OS X 10.8.4 or later, 64-bit processor

    1Password- Manager passwords and other sensitive data. The program can store credit card numbers, passwords, secret texts that can automatically fill out web forms and integrate into a large number of browsers.

    The program automatically saves all the passwords that you type in the browser when visiting the different services (in each case, of course, asking for your permission to do so).When you visit this resource you will not need to enter login and password again - just click on the buttons painted c key, that appears in all of your browsers ifinstalling 1Password (supported browsers Safari, OmniWeb, DEVONagent, Firefox, Camino, and Flock). Just 1Password can automatically fill in any form for you. For example, once by filling the field name, city, phone number, you no longer need to fill their sites when registering.
    1 Password is a leader in its field for almost a decade, and is now 4 1 Password again raised security to a new level.The new format of data in 1 Password encrypts 100% of your information (including headers, and URL) using 256-bit AES-encryption.In addition to a stronger encryption Password 1 4 prevents loosening your privacy by using an authenticated encryption to provide data download only those who placed them in this position.

    What's new in version 4.3:
    The Big Stuff
    • Looking for something specific? 1Password mini now searches everything, from your usernames to your notes
    • We've added full screen support so 1Password can be larger than ever
    • Like keyboard shortcuts? 1Password mini now has a * ton * of 'em!
    • Keyboard shortcuts for switching vaults
    • Tab and Shift-Tab shortcuts to navigate in 1Password mini's details view
    • Command (⌘) -O to anchor 1Password mini's details view
    • Command (⌘) -E to enter edit mode in 1Password mini's details view
    • Command (⌘) -S to save changes in 1Password mini's details view
    • Command (⌘) -. to cancel changes and exit the edit mode in 1Password mini's details view

    Sync & Export
    • Now when you change your Master Password, it will sync to your other devices
    • Now you can sync your data file using a USB drive
    • We've made some improvements to the way 1Password interacts with Dropbox
    • New exporting options: 1Password can now export items to CSV and plain text (careful here-your items are not encrypted in these formats!)

    • Added the ability to move items (in addition to copy) from one vault to another
    • Right clicking on an item in the item list will now select that item
    • We've made the item list even better, both when you right click on an item and when you click on the Item menu

    • New languages ​​added
    • Updated translations
    • Addressed some minor visual and grammar issues
    • Fixed bugs (thanks for telling us about them!)

    The installation procedure:
    Mount image and drag the application icon to the folder "Programs"

    Download 1Password 4.3 (Mac OC X)

    Download 1Password 4.3 (Mac OC X) for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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