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    Nikon Capture NX 2.4.7 + Rus

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    Nikon Capture NX 2.4.7 + Rus

    Nikon Capture NX - A powerful application developed by Nikon, completely change the principles of editing digital photos taken with cameras not only its production but also any other cameraregardless of manufacturer. After downloading the program, you get a lot of high-performance tools for the format of NEF (RAW), and to work with images in JPEG and TIFF, derived from any source.

    Capture NX 2 easy-to-use software lets you make intuitive photo enhancements which are immediately visible on your monitor.Simply place the Control Point on the area that you want to edit and U Point Technology will analyze color elements such as hue, saturation and brightness, as well as recognize similar areas wherean edit would best be applied.This technology powers the entire Capture NX 2 series of Control Points: Color Control Points, the all-new Selection Control Points, White / Black / Neutral Control Points and Red-Eye Control Points. 2 With Capture NX, there's no need to deal with selection tools, layers or lengthy training.

    Basic tools:
    Tool Color Control Point (Point Color Management): Manage hue, brightness and saturation by placing a Color Control Point on the image, and then simply adjusting the length of the sliders.
    Tool Selection Control Point (reference point selection):The possibility of applying corrections, for example, with a tool Unsharp Mask (unsharp mask) or D-Lighting function to a specific area of ​​an image with one click.There is no need for precision selection or masks - the recognition of the areas requiring changes automatically.
    Tool Auto Retouch Brush (Brush Auto Touch): For taking pictures with a more natural tool Auto Retouch Brush (Brush Auto Touch) lets you remove specks of dust, resulting in the image when shooting, just click and brush stroke.

    Additional Information:
    Amazingly easy to combining the best opportunities for creative, simple and intuitive interface, Capture NX2 is destroying stereotypes about working with digital photos and allows you to see in a different light on the whole process of image processing.
    High-performance software allows you to use a new generation of all their creative potential for processing and image editing Nikon.Thanks to the exclusive technology U PointTM Capture NX2 includes a large number of powerful tools and four fully customizable workspaces with the ability to save and switchbetween them for fast and efficient operation.Simple and intuitive in Capture NX2 software allows not to focus on working with tone and color processing images in accordance with the classical principles of accentuationattention and allocation of certain areas of the image. Capture NX2 - this is the best product designed for editing Nikon NEF.
    Nikon Capture NX2 makes the most precise control over the images and processing it intuitively simple and flexible for any photographer, regardless of their training, setting a new standardcreative digital imaging. Powerful, yet easy to use, this software allows you to select specific areas of an image by simply selecting the point and simple means to fulfill its complex masking or processing sectors of the snapshot.
    Capture NX2 will allow you to repeatedly create and modify the image processing operations without degrading the original image data and provides a fully compliant and continuous processedit files in JPEG or TIFF format with your camera. For those who use the format of NEF (RAW), also available special funds for the correction of optical or digital artifacts.
    Revolutionary innovation in the package has acquired technology from the U PointTM Nik Software Inc USA
    The new package is introduced not so much a new concept or types of editing, but simply rendered in convenient locations of existing features.

    Key features:
    Technology U Point: opportunities function checkpoints Control Points Capture NX2 and Technology U PointTM allow convenient, fast and intuitive to select specific areas of color and tone.
    Auto Retouch Brush (Brush Auto Touch): an effective and powerful tool that allows a simple click to remove unwanted dust spots or details.
    Quick Fix (quick fix): a combined panel of commonly used tools greatly simplifies the process of editing large batches of images
    Selection control point (control point):It simplifies the process of enhancing the visual sharpness of the image (unsharp mask) or blur selected areas of the image (Gaussian Blur), and can be used with virtually any toolimage correction. Enhancements can be applied to the entire image or specific areas without the need for precision selection of masks.
    Customizable Workspaces (Customizable Workspaces): 4 fully customizable workspaces allow you to personalize the selection of tools, create your own shortcuts and switch quickly between all workspaces without losing data.
    Photo Management (Picture Control): a set of different labels that use XMP and IPTC standards make it easy to tag and sort images. It provides a consistent transition with ViewNX, Windows Vista or Adobe Bridge.
    Ability to work on two monitors: allows you to extend your workspace when you install two monitors.

    Supported file formats:
    Images of the JPEG (compatible with Exif 2.2-2.3).
    Image format RAW (NEF, NRW), MPO (3D), and TIFF (RGB), video clips, sound files, reference images for the function "Dust" and log data GPS, recorded with a digital camera Nikon.
    Image format RAW (NEF, NRW), TIFF (RGB), and JPEG (RGB), as well as video formats MOV, AVI, MPEG1 and WMV, saved using application software Nikon.

    Nikon Capture NX 2.4.7 + Rus

    Graduation Year: 2014
    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface language: Ml / English Plus crack (from SHAH)
    Activation: Key
    Size: 107.47 Mb

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