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    Kerish Doctor 2014 4.55

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    Kerish Doctor 2014 4.55

    Kerish Doctor 2014 - An innovative product for the comprehensive maintenance of your computer, which is a software center for troubleshooting, increase productivity, maintain a stablePC and provides protection against vulnerabilities before hackers and malware.The core application is designed with the maximum flexibility and scalability that will improve the efficiency of its individual components in real time and to update it without any restrictions.

    Kerish Doctor 2014 - Complete solution for caring for your computer that contains the most promising developments in this area.

    Due to its unique Kerish Doctor 2014 prevents Windows crashes in real time and securely fixes registry errors.

    The application regularly produces the most perfect and safe cleaning system from accumulating digital "trash", as well as the optimal way increases productivity of its work.

    Kerish Doctor 2014 protects computers from malware and potential vulnerabilities, controlling important in terms of security settings on the computer.

    System Smart Update promptly update the database applications that are regularly upgraded by our specialists. With this system, the efficiency of the installed complex increases every day and makes it the most promising in its class.

    Key features:
    • Prevent Windows crashes
    • Correction of system errors
    • Temperature monitoring of the computer
    • Elimination uyazvimosteyinternet connection

    • Clean the digital "trash"
    • Removing obsolete application cache
    • Clean invalid sections and shortcuts

    • Acceleration of gaming applications
    • Optimize Windows settings
    • Optimization of the speed

    • Malware Protection
    • Malware Protection
    • Monitoring Windows startup

    Prevent crashes
    Unique "Real-time Failure Detection" prevents crashes and system errors in real time. Loss Desktop language bar, disabling essential services and critical errors in the system settings will be controlled by the application.
    Personal Advisor
    Master recommendations will analyze your system and make recommendations for improving the work of the computer that you can apply with one click. Status and configuration of the system may change, which could lead to new recommendations.
    Intelligent cleaning
    The most advanced method of cleaning a computer from digital "trash" takes into account the changes in the date for each file. This prevents accidental deletion still sought a system temporary files. This method ensures reliable and safe cleaning.
    In step with the times
    Update Wizard application will check the installed software on the availability of critical vulnerabilities, patches, new versions and will update them. The latest versions of potentially vulnerable applications, it is important from a safety standpoint.
    Solving Common Problems
    Troubleshooting Wizard contains the most extensive database of problems and help solve common problems. You just choose from a list of the problems encountered, and program fixes them.
    Fast Internet
    Master optimizing Internet connection analyzes and optimizes your Internet connection specifically for your equipment. This allows you to achieve the highest possible connection speed.
    Speeding game
    Function "Game Booster" helps to increase performance of gaming applications. When you activate the game mode the game is set on a high priority operation of the gaming application that allows you to unlock the full potential of your computer while you play.
    Full control
    Kerish Deblocker function allows you to unlock the computer when the user is not possible to do it yourself. For example, if the computer is locked SMS-blockers or no opportunity to close the hung application full screen.
    There is no limit to perfection
    Function "Smart Update" regularly updates the core database and heuristics application for access to the Internet.This flexibility and scalability make Kerish Doctor 2014 one of the most promising products in its class, the application performance is regularly increasing, regardless of its version.

    • Work in real time 24/7
    • Perfect reliability and safety in the work
    • Unique methods of error detection and cleaning
    • Regular updating of the core and components
    • A full set of tools for computer maintenance
    • Modern and intuitive interface

    The list of changes and improvements in version Kerish Doctor 2014 4.55 Final:
    • Added Deletion of empty folders
    • Added new tool "Web Browser Extensions"
    • Added new tool "Integration with Windows"
    • Added new tool "Scheduler"
    • Added new tool "File Shredder"
    • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category "Program Compatibility Assistant"
    • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category "Potential Windows Failures"
    • Security engine was upgraded: added Adware / Riskware / Remote-Admin classification
    • "Startup Control" component was upgraded to more global "PC Control"
    • Manual "Cleanup of Junk Files" was upgraded
    • Bug fixed

    Kerish Doctor 2014 4.55

    Released: 2014
    Version: 4.55
    Platform: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP
    Interface language: Multilanguage (Ru)
    Activation: Serial
    Size: 23.31 MB

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