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    madVR 0.87.9 Portable

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    madVR 0.87.9 Portable

    madVR - The program allows you to maximize the quality of your video. Please note that the quality of video that you get at the output can not be compared with anything (EVR, VMR 7/9, Haali, Overlay)
    Among the features of the program include the ability to smoothly display the movement in the image, there is a very high quality of the color sample, the quality of the conversion type YCbCr -> RGB is also onhigh level is a powerful video scaling algorithm can handle video GPU 16 bit mode, with no loss will not occur.I note that madVR supported MPC HC, and KmPlayer and Zoom Player, of course, and probably other players will work, it is necessary to look.To test the video renderer in the work, you just have to unzip the file, then run install.bat, and then select the player settings madVR in the output mode.

    How to use:
    1. First of all, you must use a media player that supports the use madVR, as the renderer. Your choice is: MPC-HC, Zoom Player, J.River Media Center 16, PotPlayer and KMPlayer.

    2. madVR only accepts as YCbCr 4: 2: 0 input (YV12, NV12, P010 and P016) and nothing more.Therefore, make sure that the decoder you are using, truly displays as YCbCr 4: 2: 0, otherwise madVR will not operate. This limitation is intentional, because the output as YCbCr 4: 2: 0 - the best choice for 99.9% of the content.

    3. Press Ctrl-J, to enable / disable the OSD.

    4. If the video retarding - means your video card is weak.In this case, you can open the Settings window madVR (you'll find it somewhere in the video player, the same place where you can find the settings window for the rest of the filters *).There you will be able to reduce the image quality. So you can just play around with the settings to see the effects of their use. If you want to try, you can use the "madTestPatternSource", which enables you to easily see the differences on the on / off options madVR.

    Changes in version 0.87.9
    * Fixed: NNEDI3 did not work properly on AMD / Intel (introduced in v0.87.8)
    * Fixed: native DXVA decoding + NNEDI3 chroma up + NVidia -> green color cast
    * Fixed: # 032: Smooth Motion FRC sometimes failed to activate
    * Fixed: # 096: Smooth Motion FRC resulted in last / only frame being hidden
    * Fixed: # 097: Smooth Motion FRC did not respect "treat 25p movies as 24p"
    * Fixed: # 098: "Treat 25p movies as 24p" now only activates up to 25.5fps
    * Fixed: # 104: "Delay playback until ..." failed when toggling subtitles
    * Fixed: # 113: film mode key shortcut did not enable Smooth Motion FRC
    * Fixed: # 124: videoLUTs were not properly restored in multi monitor setup
    * Fixed: # 132: Image corruption when leaving FSE with 3dlut loaded
    * Fixed: # 171: film mode activation with display mode change could crash
    * Fixed: # 178: RGB / YUV 4: 4: 4 with mod2 height showed black screen
    * Fixed: # 182: NNEDI3 chroma up neuron count was not properly memorized
    * Fixed: # 187: switching subtitles triggered a short black screen
    * Fixed: # 189: Smooth Motion FRC sometimes activated when not needed
    * NNEDI3 no longer offsets by 0.5 pixel if Luma needs to be resampled, anyway
    * Added "HKCUSoftwaremadshimadVROpenCLforceVendor" override option
    * Modified madLevelsTweaker GUI to make intended multi monitor usage clearer

    madVR 0.87.9 Portable

    Operating system : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Language : English
    Activation : not required
    Size : 15.80 Mb

    Download madVR 0.87.9 Portable

    Download madVR 0.87.9 Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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