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    ZenWriter 2.0.8

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    ZenWriter 2.0.8

    ZenWriter - Is a text editor for Windows, which does not allow you to be distracted from work and to important thoughts.This full screen editor offers a variety of features for editing and formatting text, but at the same time allows you to tune in a working mood and enter Zen. Now, just you and your thoughts.

    ZenWriter - Minimalist text editor designed for real writers. It has virtually no interface, which opens to full screen.If you frequently switch between tabs, check your email or Facebook, at a time when you have to work - ZenWriter is a solution that will help you avoid distractions and concentrate on work.

    While you type, the program simulates the sound of a typewriter (can be disabled).In order not to disturb the unity of your text, background music - a cross between the music from the music box, and Buddhist monks.The text is printed on a beautiful translucent background displayed in full screen. In installations ZenWriter can select two types of registration - day and night. In daylight design background will zasvetlennym, dark text on a white background, with night design of the text will be light and the darkened background.

    So you do not lose the text in the result of a failure or a power outage in ZenWriter provided autosave every minute.While you are typing text, sub-menu interface is hidden, but it is worth to bring the mouse to the edge of the screen, the menu is immediately evident.Beneath the text in a special line displays the number of entered words. For convenience, you can choose the font and size of text entered.For full compatibility between the different text editors text is saved in RTF or TXT. ZenWriter - quite handy program for aspiring writers who appreciate minimalism.Due to its design and sound reaches a certain concentration at work, increasing the labor productivity of the computer.

    ZenWriter 2.0.8

    Released : 2014
    Interface language: English
    Platform | OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Activation : There is
    File size: 63.4 Mb

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    Download ZenWriter 2.0.8 for Windows 7, 8, 10
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