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    AKVIS Draw 1.1.191 ML / Rus for Adobe Photoshop

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    AKVIS Draw 1.1.191 ML / Rus for Adobe Photoshop

    AKVIS Draw - A new program (with plug-in for photo editors), which allows to convert photos into pencil sketches. Sketches by the program, copy the techniques of these drawings. AKVIS Draw helps you create pencil sketches from photos.

    With the sketch begins a work of art, it can be used as a basis for the development of a creative idea, but you can leave a cursory sketch, which has its charm. The program simulates vision and approach of a true artist.

    The program is easy to use: when the image is loaded, it immediately turns into a painting with the new settings. With ready-to-use presets, and adjusting effect parameters, you can receive different styles sketching.
    The conversion is done automatically, the result can be edited with a eraser, which helps remove the extra touches or too soften harsh lines.
    In addition to creating a black-and-white outline of the program (in version Deluxe / Business) allows you to use the colors of the original image to create a color image.
    AKVIS Draw supports batch processing that allows you to process a lot of photos and automatically create a whole album of sketches or prepare a storyboard.
    The program can be used separately to create a sketch of the author or one of the stages for the preparation of a work of art, in combination with other tools - AKVIS ArtWork, OilPaint.

    AKVIS Draw is presented as a normal program (standalone) and as a plugin to image editors (plugin).Standalone - stand-alone program that runs in the usual way, by double-clicking on the icon. Plugin - an additional module, a filter that is connected to a photo editor: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and others.

    AKVIS Draw 1.1.191 ML / Rus for Adobe Photoshop

    Year: 2014
    OC: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 (32/64)
    Language: ML / Russian
    Activation: Retrial + RTKF v. (reset trial period of using the program)
    Size: 137.56 Mb

    Download AKVIS Draw 1.1.191 ML / Rus for Adobe Photoshop (32/64)

    Download AKVIS Draw 1.1.191 ML / Rus for Adobe Photoshop for Windows 7, 8, 10
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