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    Razer Game Booster v4.2.45

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    Razer Game Booster v4.2.45

    Razer Game Booster (former Iobit Game Booster) will provide maximum pleasure from computer games even on the old computer.When intellectual optimize your PC with one click sufficient, the Razer Game Booster allows you to fine tune your system for maximumperformance. Time to complete background processes and unnecessary services Windows, clearing the memory and increasing processor performance, Razer Game Booster directs every single system resources to your favorite game.

    Features Razer Game Booster:
    Acceleration games with one click;
    Defragments game folder;
    Real-time recording of video and audio, as well as snapshots of the screen;
    Creates game profiles;
    Increases the stability of the game;
    Support for 32- and 64-bit OS.

    Key features of Razer Game Booster
    Increase productivity with one click
    Razer Game Booster easily and quickly completing background processes and unnecessary services Windows, speeding up the performance of the game and avoiding potential conflicts and incompatibilities.Advanced technology "Improved detection of running services" allows the program to Razer Game Booster automatically detect not required at this time and complete their service.

    New screencast in real time for sharing
    Razer Game Booster gives you the ability to record real-time video and audio, as well as to take pictures of the screen. This means that you can share your favorite moments of the game with friends all over the world, offering a winning strategy, creating a management or placing an epic performance on YouTube.

    Game Mode
    This feature focuses on your game, temporarily disable unwanted features and applications, allocating all available resources solely the game and allow you to quickly, as it should be, to plunge into the game without wasting time on setup and configuration.

    Calibration Mode
    It simplifies the process of installing your PC's performance, providing user-friendly customization features, defrag, or update any outdated drivers.

    Sharing Mode
    The bonus feature where you can demonstrate your expertise, create leadership and do another, using the ability to record audio / video in real-time and screen capture. Create and join the Machinima revolution You Tube!

    Checked countless users and professionals
    Inherits proven technology settings IObit, tested the best professional players on the standard level Razer PRO.

    Net gaming environment with "Game Desktop"
    Razer Game Booster is now able to provide you with a completely clean system containing only the game window on the desktop; other programs will no longer distract you from the game.

    Setting up the system for maximum performance
    Razer Game Booster can configure your computer to the maximum speed of the system and an Internet connection, a single click.

    Create your game profiles
    Add a game, adjust it, and Razer Game Booster will automatically improve its performance when running.

    P.S. Register for a free account, the email address and confirm it all now enjoy a new version of the utility from Iobit.

    Razer Game Booster v4.2.45

    Date of : 2014
    Platform : Windows 8/7 / Vista (x86 / x64)
    Interface : Multilanguage / Russian
    Activation : Free
    Size : 39.86 Mb

    Download Razer Game Booster v4.2.45

    Download Razer Game Booster v4.2.45 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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