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    Actual Window Menu 8.5.3 (ML / RUS / 2015)

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    Actual Window Menu 8.5.3 (ML / RUS / 2015)

    Actual Window Menu allows to simplify work with Windows applications Windows. Each standard window has three buttons: Minimize, maximize, and Close. The same commands can be seen in the context menu, if you call it, by clicking on the window title. After you install Actual Window Menu, the context menu will appear with the new lines.

    With the help of new commands the current window, you can quickly minimize to the system tray, minimize to a narrow strip, add transparency, to leave on top and control the priority. Many of those who tried Actual Window Menu in the work, believe that such functionality should be built into Windows initially - additional items in the system menu of every window, facilitate and accelerate the standard operations window: change position, size, copy/paste content. In addition to standard operations in Windows there are a number of useful features that are hidden from the user and only accessible programmatically.

    - minimize the window to the taskbar notification area (system tray);
    - change the transparency of the window;
    - make a window "always on top";
    - place the window "behind";
    - "stick" a window to the Desktop;
    - minimize the window to the header;
    - make the window "Ghost" (the clicks will "pass through");
    - move the window between monitors in multi-monitor system;
    - change the priority of the program that owns the window.
    and all this can be done with one click!

    Actual Window Menu 8.5.3 (ML / RUS / 2015)

    Graduation Year: 2015
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface: ML / Russian
    Activation: (Crack)
    Size: 9.48 Mb

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