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    ScreenCapture Rus

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    ScreenCapture Rus

    ScreenCapture - A program for creating screenshots - screenshots.With this software, users can click through one area of ​​the screen to take a picture and save the picture on your computer, and place the picture onserver software authors. Published images on the application server, the user receives a link to further control picture.

    Interface ScreenCapture essentially absent, the icon of the tool after installation is located in the system tray and when you click on the icon, a context menu appears, from which comescontrol of all functions of the application.The menu items in the drop-down menu allows you to set, refer to the customer support in the event of ANY KIND questions, although ease of management, are not likelymake do. Completely Russified points will help in seconds to deal with possible applications.

    With not a lot of settings, yet the authors feel the need to leave the choice of file format when you save, and it will be available to the user in the preservation of the three most commonmodern formats: jpeg, phg and bmp.If you select a format for file jpeg, it will be possible to independently determine the image quality, which affects the size of the file format png, you can select the degree of compression. It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that to save images online, it is possible to store only in the format of jpeg.

    Some options can also be helpful when using the program ScreenCapture.For example, it is possible to view the history of shots, you can select the frequency to check for updates to the application, accompanied by a picture audio signal to determine the startup mode.That is, to run in the "manual" or "automatic" when booting the operating system. Define the path to save screenshots. The project has an active development, developers are constantly improve their product. In addition, the software does not have malicious code, adware.

    New in version 2.3:
    - New visual identity
    - Almost does not consume resources of the operating system
    - Fixed a problem with the first name the number of monitors (screen resolutions)
    - Reshin problem with monitors with a high density of pixels
    - In case of emergency situations will restart the program itself

    ScreenCapture Rus

    Year: 2014
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
    Interface: Multi / Russian
    Activation: not required
    Size of archive: 21.81

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