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    Connectify Hotspot & Dispatch Pro

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    Connectify Hotspot & Dispatch Pro

    Connectify - An application that turns any computer with a Wi-Fi-adapter into a full wireless access point. You must be connected to the Internet, and for any technology - 3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc. Connection Security provides encryption WPA2-PSK or WEP.

    Key features:
    - Easy organization complete access point Wi-Fi.
    - Initial Setup Wizard program.
    - To ensure the security of the encryption WPA2-PSK or WEP.
    - Convenient operation from the system tray.
    - Higher performance - up to 30% higher throughput when using a high-speed connection to the Internet.
    - Improved identification of the Xbox 360 and some devices from Motorola.
    - Completely new implementation of UPnP - increased productivity, no more false alarms.
    - Completely new user interface with tabs.
    - Intelligent warnings when hotspot without an Internet connection.
    - The user interface is resizable - grab the top or bottom edge of the window and resize the user interface to the preferred height.
    - New, cleaner status area across the top of the interface.
    - Easy access to the menu by pressing the Connectify logo near the Start / Stop buttons.
    - Service launch at startup.
    - Support for multiple monitors, in cases when the taskbar is not on the primary monitor.
    - New algorithm for choosing the IP-address of the hotspot improves compatibility with devices IOS.

    The concept involves the separation package Dispatch network connections between several different network interfaces.Thus, the user can not do without a special server, as is done in traditional technologies aggregation connections.Strictly speaking, Dispatch can not share specific connection level protocol TCP, but the protocol is HTTP, which in modern browsers using multiple connections at once (usually at least 20-30 per Web site), the gain in speed can be very significant .

    Connectify Hotspot & Dispatch Pro

    Graduation Year: 2014
    PlatformTo: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 or Windows Server 2008
    Interface language: english
    Activation: Activator
    Size7.53 MB

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