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    GeoGebra Stable + Portable

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    GeoGebra Stable + Portable

    GeoGebra - A cross-platform dynamic mathematics program for all levels of education, including the geometry, algebra, tables, graphs, statistics and arithmetic, in one easy-to-use package. The program is written in Java, and is a modern product, designed using the latest advances in information technology.

    * Graphics, algebra and tables are connected to each other and fully dynamic
    * Easy to use interface, in addition, it has very powerful features
    * You can create interactive training material, such as a Web page
    * Available in many languages ​​for our millions of users around the world
    * GeoGebra Dynamic mathematics used in the study of mathematics, physics and other disciplines in secondary and higher education institutions around the world.As an example, can lead Austria, Poland, Germany, the UK, Canada, USA, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Australia.
    * Free software, open source


    - Plotting functions y = f (x);
    - Construction of curves defined parametrically in Cartesian coordinates: x = f (t); y = g (t);
    - Construction of conic sections:
    * Konica arbitrary form - five points.
    * Circumference: the center and a point on it; by the center and radius; by three points;
    * Ellipse - two focus and a point on the curve;
    * Parabola - Focus and the headmistress of;
    * Hyperbole - two foci and a point on the curve.
    - Construction of the locus of points depending on the position of some other point belonging to a curve or polygon (Locus tool).

    - Actions with matrices:
    * Addition, multiplication;
    * Transpose, Invert;
    * Calculating the determinant;
    - Calculations with complex numbers;
    - Finding points of intersection;
    - Statistical functions:
    * The calculation of the mathematical expectation, dispersion;
    * The calculation of the correlation coefficient;
    - Approximation of the set of points of a given form: polynomial, exponential, logarithm, sine
    - Work tables

    Requirements: Java

    GeoGebra Stable + Portable

    Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64-bit)
    Interface: Russian, Multilanguage
    Activation: Not required
    Size: 39.92 Mb/57.23 Mb

    Download GeoGebra Portable Stable

    Download GeoGebra Stable Portable

    Download GeoGebra Stable + Portable for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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