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    Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD

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    Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD

    Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD - Is a universal program, which will simplify the work with digital photography. You can create amazing slide show with a single mouse click, add music and animated transitions.It is possible to record a slide show on DVD media to play on any home DVD player. Possible to create slide shows in HD, and then upload it to YouTube or to create a MPEG2, MPEG4 and WMV formats.

    Firstly, you can burn your created slideshow to a DVD disc that can be played on any DVD-Player.Secondly, the program allows you to create HD-slideshow and save them in formats such as MPEG2, MPEG4 and Windows Media Video, or automatically upload the slideshow to YouTube and MyVideo.

    Accommodation photos with a simple transfer (drag -Drag & Drop). Change picture can vary animated transitions.Musical accompaniment (background slide show) can be composed of several music tracks, with the playing time of the slide show will be tailored to the time playback of music tracks.If necessary, add a slide show of your text comments or logo. The result of your work can be recorded on DVD, to view a DVD player.Possible to create slide shows in HD, and then upload it to YouTube or create a slide show format MPEG2, MPEG4 and WMV, which can be played on any computer.

    Speed ​​and efficiency:
    If you hurry, you only need to select your photos, choose one of the graphics, which are in the program and click the slideshow. You will be prompted to choose the format in which to save your slideshow as well as the quality of the images - HD or normal.

    If you want to express your creativity, then you will be able to insert as additional background images, text, geometric shapes, text written along a curve, the titleetc. You can also add subtitles, and your logo in the corner of each photo. In addition to the background image in the slideshow, you can add background music. Music tracks can be several, and time slide show can be aligned with the time playing music.

    Slideshow Editor:
    Slideshow editor, which you will use in the process of creating a slide show, has an intuitive timeline, where you will see the sequence of your slides in graphical form.At your disposal will be a tool preview, a sequence of slides, you can edit by clicking and dragging them with the mouse. You can rotate and change the size in each slide. Or just choose a theme and let Slideshow Studio HD do all the work for you.

    • Edit sequence of slides by dragging the mouse.
    • Beautiful graphics transitions between slides.
    • Review of transitions to choose.
    • Add background music for the entire length of the slideshow.
    • Add titles, subtitles, artistic text
    • Add logos, etc.
    • Rotate images directly in the editor.

    Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD

    Platform: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    Interface language: MULTi / Russian
    Activation: Crack dll
    Size: 38.13 Mb

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