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    Acronis True Image 2014 Build 6673 Premium + Bootable ISO

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    Acronis True Image 2014 Build 6673 Premium + Bootable ISO

    Acronis True Image - A reliable solution for complete backup and restore data.Download the utility, you can create exact disk images of a working computer that will provide the most complete data protection.Backup disk image is a file that contains absolutely all data, including boot records, operating system, applications, data files, photos and movies, e-mail updates and configuration, and any other data on the disc.

    • Protection of "one-click"
    • Suffice it once to decide what, when and where to save. Then to start the backup need only one mouse click.
    • Full-text search
    • Now the archive can easily find the desired file by its name, type and even content using Windows Search systems or Google Desktop.
    • Dual destination
    • You can make reserve copies of data, for example, on the hard disk and removable USB drive or network drive for greater reliability. These copies can be stored as uncompressed files, zip-archives or in a special format True Image TIB.
    • Support for Zip format
    • In addition to a proprietary format backup Acronis True Image Home supports popular file format ZIP.
    • Consolidating backups
    • New means of merging backup saves disk space and avoid confusion with the files. Merge an older full backup with several incremental one file and produce a subsequent incremental backups based on the new complete.
    • The program's interface in the style of Windows Vista®
    • The user interface provides ease of operation and clarity of style Windows Vista does not matter which system is installed.

    Key technologies:
    • Manager Startup Repair
    • Allows you to start the recovery process even if the system does not boot. Just press F11, and Acronis True Image will automatically recover your computer.
    • Exclude files
    • Save disk space by backing up only the necessary files.
    • Incremental and differential backups
    • allows to significantly accelerate backups by storing only the changes made to the system since the last backup.
    • Backing up in the background
    • The process of creating a backup does not interfere with the users.
    • Smart Scheduling
    • Allows you to automatically run a backup on the offensive certain period of time, as well as various system events or conditions, such as zagruzkavyklyuchenie computer vhodvyhod by his activity or inactivity, etc..
    • Backing up on a "set and forget"
    • Suffice it once to configure the backup settings to further relevant files with valuable information or complete a hard disk created automatically.
    • Acronis Acronis Secure Zone
    • special hidden partition on the system in normal mode, can be used to store the hard disk image and restore in case of failures.

    Acronis True Image 2014 Build 6673 Premium
    MD5 9c72af20f2863b9b4e39e03d35c6098a
    hash 78db2a17f2f6575b41b31288d18faf99

    Bootable ISO
    MD5: 84dcb4bd62e16062d149fa49624da3b3
    hash 34f00f713e293ae7797df4e4888a5a82

    Acronis True Image 2014 Build 6673 Premium + Bootable ISO

    Acronis True Image 2014 Build 6673 Premium + Bootable ISO

    Developer : © Acronis International GmbH.
    File Type : Bootable ISO
    Interface English
    Activation : Crack
    Size : 271.38 Mb / 436.5 Mb

    Download Acronis True Image 17 Build 2014 Premium 6673

    Download Acronis True Image 2014 Build 6673 Premium Bootable ISO

    Download Acronis True Image 2014 Build 6673 Premium + Bootable ISO for Windows 7, 8, 10
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