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    DigiDNA DiskAid 6.5.5

    Category: Software | Updated: 23/9/2015, 05:01
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    DigiDNA DiskAid 6.5.5

    Disk Aid - A simple tool that will allow you to easily use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a module of memory for files and documents, and also to receive or to transfer them from the PC.The program allows you to transfer folders and files between your computer, iPhone, or iPod Touch, so to speak, you get a great file manager.There is an application FileAid using it together with this program, you will not just copy the folders and files on your device, but can also run them directly.

    Features DigiDNA
    • You can transfer files via USB
    • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
    • Copy files and folders between your iPhone or iPod and your computer
    • A good file manager
    • Sending text messages (SMS) from iphone to computer
    • Viewing files on IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad and a FileApp & FileApp Pro
    • File Sharing support with all compatible applications on IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad and
    • PC with Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), and Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard) compatibility
    • Support for iPhone V1, 3G, 3G S and 4!
    • Support Ipod Touch V1, V2 and V3!
    • Support for Ipad!
    • Automatic detection, just plug it!
    • Files and folders Browser
    • Drag and drop files and folders
    • Double-click on the file for quick viewing (launches the appropriate application)
    • The available memory is displayed
    • Create a shortcut to any file or folder
    • Feature rich file organization including internal movement, creating folders, renaming ... etc.
    • Information about Files & Folders
    • Access any application support file sharing
    • There is no jailbreak is required (to access the root directory of an exception)
    • Supports ITunes
    • Supported versions of iPhone OS: from 3,0 to 3,2, IOS 4.x
    • New: IOS 7 compatible

    DigiDNA DiskAid 6.5.5

    Graduation Year : 2014
    Operating system : Windows® XP | Vista | 7 & 8
    Interface language : English
    Activation : Included
    Size : 12.2 Mb

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