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    PDF24 Creator 6.3.0

    Category: Software | Updated: 9/23/2015, 6:03
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    PDF24 Creator 6.3.0

    PDF24 Creator - A powerful program that allows you to create PDF-files from almost any application. All you need - is to click the print button and select the program as a virtual printer. The program is translated into several languages, including Russian.

    * Install once - use forever
    * Updates are free and non-exclusive
    * PDF-files can be created from any application that has the Print button
    * Freeware (Free)
    * Very easy to use
    * Merge multiple PDF
    * Extract pages from a PDF
    * Integrated viewer and preview of pages
    * Encrypt PDF
    * Convert documents like Word files
    * Multilingual

    How PDF Creator works?
    The only condition (for Windows): You will need access to the option "Print" and the ability to install the printer. Why is that? Since the program is installed as a virtual printer that can be used subsequently as any other printer.

    Changes in version 6.3.0
    Improvement: Overwriting files in auto save mode

    The PDF printer auto save feature now does not overwrite existing files any longer. Now, if a file exists, a suffix is ​​appended to the file name under which the file will be saved.
    Update: Update of language files

    The following files has been updated: English, Polish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Czech, Spanish, Italian
    Improvement: Moved file name erasement options

    The file name erasement options are now part of the PDF printer page.
    Improvement: Supported placeholders added to the form

    Supported placeholders in the settings pages are now visible in the GUI.
    Improvement: Scrollbar issues fixed

    Sometimes scrollbars where shown where they would not be necessary. We have optimized some GUI parts so that now scrollbars are only visible if they are really necessary.
    Improvement: Focus change between areas optimized

    Now, some windows gains the focus when the mouse moves into this windows. This improves usability in some dialogs where user can scroll so that no click is needed any longer to get the focus which activates scrolling for that window.
    Improvement: ADMIN suffix in settings dialog title

    The settings window now has the title suffix ADMIN when the settings dialog is opened with full administrator rights to change special settings.
    Feature: Custom command in automatic save mode

    We have added a custom command feature to the PDF printer auto save mode. The feature can be enabled and configured in the PDF Printer pages of the application settings.
    Feature: ShellPrint command added to the pdf24-docTool.exe

    Now there is a shell print feature in the pdf24-docTool.exe. The command pdf24-docTool.exe -shellPrint -printerName FILE can be used to print out a file on a printer using the shell print windows feature. The can be used together with the auto save feature of the PDF printer to print out a file on another printer.
    Feature: ALT key to break auto save mode

    Now you can use the ALT key to break the auto save mode of the PDF printer. If auto save is enabled and if you print on the PDF printer, the printed file is then normally saved to a file.You can temporarily break this by keeping pressed the ALT key when sending a file to the PDF printer. This opens the PDF24 assistant or the PDF24 Creator where you can handle the file as if you do not had activated the auto save mode.
    BugFix: Custom profile in auto save settings page

    We have also improved the custom profile selection in the auto save settings page. The custom profile was not shown as selected after having been selected.
    Feature: Custom profile when saving automatically

    When the custom profile option in the auto save setting page is selected then the format option dialog will be opened after printing a document on the PDF printer. There you can make custom settings which will be used when saving the file.

    PDF24 Creator 6.3.0

    Enabling | Reg. code : Not required
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / Win 7
    Interface language : Multilanguage / Russian
    Size : 15.44 Mb

    Download PDF24 Creator 6.3.0

    Download PDF24 Creator 6.3.0 for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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