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    Nikon ViewNX 2.9.0 (x32 / x64)

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    Nikon ViewNX 2.9.0 (x32 / x64)

    Nikon ViewNX - Cost-effective "all-in-one" software package that allows you to view, edit and share images, including movies.Software allows you to catalog and manage large collections of photos. The ViewNX 2 offers a number of easy-to-use, nice features (functions) that can not offer the ordinary software supplied with the computer's operating system.

    In addition to the basic functions of data import and view, ViewNX 2 includes a variety of tools, such as resizing, brightness adjustment, cropping, editing functionsvideos, as well as functions of processing RAW files in NEF, photographic technique used by Nikon. File format NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) - is the development by Nikon.This program for viewing and editing the supplied digital photo Nikon cameras allows a large number of photographers fully enjoy digital imaging.

    Some features:
    • Refined user interface.
    • provides three types of workspace: browser, geotag, editing.
    • Workspaces can be smoothly switched.
    • The background color can be selected according to the brightness of the image (white, gray, dark gray, black).

    Thumbnails can be selected when the mode is "Browser" or "Edit" geotagging to help implement the search for a large collection of photographs and allow snap photos to locations where photos were taken.

    Advanced image editing features:
    • Crop (crop).
    • Correction.
    • Changing the image size.
    • Adjustment of contrast and brightness.
    • Red-Eye Removal.

    Software includes editing movies (short movies). Can be set start and end points can be removed unwanted part of the video.Selected frames can be saved. Improved printing.In addition to a number of print functions, such as printing the whole page, printing standard photo sizes, users were required the following functions: Select the background color: white, gray, dark gray and black. Print information next to the image date and time the picture metadata header.

    Changes in version 2.9.0
    Added support for cameras, COOLPIX S3600, S6700 and S6800.
    Modified section White Balance (White Balance) button Adjustments (Options), added extra features (see below).
    - Added the Auto 1 (Slide 1).
    The ViewNX 2 software adjusts the white balance so that the colors in the image correspond to colors that are achieved when you set the camera's white balance settings Auto 1 (Normal) (Auto 1 (normal)) *.
    However, this option is only supported image format RAW, obtained using the following cameras.
    - Camera D7000 and later models of digital SLR cameras.
    - Advanced camera with interchangeable lenses.
    - Cameras COOLPIX A, COOLPIX P7100 and later models of cameras COOLPIX, which support the recording format NRW.
    * White balance adjustment Auto in cameras that do not support setting Auto 2 (Keep warm lighting colors) (Auto 2 (saving light warm colors))
    - Unit settings for Tint (Hue) changed from 1 to 0.01 for fine-tuning.
    - Extended range of settings Parameter Fine Adjustment (Fine Tune) from 4132 - 7042 2500 - 7042 Mode Direct sunlight (direct sunlight).
    - Added support for setting parameters using the Fine Adjustment (Fine Tune) and Tint (Hue) modes Recorded Value (recorded value), Auto 1 (Auto 1), Auto 2 (Cars 2), Underwater (Underwater).
    In the parameters of the Nikon Transfer software option is added 2 Switch over to second slot after transfer (After the transfer switch to the second slot).
    If you select this option, after completion of the transfer of files stored on the first memory card, a dialog box appears asking you to transfer files that are stored on the second memory card.This function is available only when the camera is equipped with two slots for memory cards, connected to a computer protocol MTP / PTP (PTP).
    Removes noise that occurs during operation of the AF lens drive, by using the AF Noise Reduction (Noise Reduction when AF), available in the menu File (File), was more effective.

    Nikon ViewNX 2.9.0 (x32 / x64)

    Developer: © Nikon Corporation
    Operating system : Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Interface : English
    Activation : Not required
    Size : 95.61 Mb / 100.68 Mb

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