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    Abelssoft JetDrive 6.11 Ultimate Retail

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    Abelssoft JetDrive 6.11 Ultimate Retail

    JetDrive 6 powerful comprehensive program to optimize the hard drive, there is also a comprehensive defragmentation, with the support of Russian interface, all this together should significantly improve the performance of your computer, unless you believe the developers.

    In this version of the program include some of updated tools, you will be able to defragment now, not only of the hard drive, it is also RAM and system registry,which plays a very important role in this case. Please note that the official website developers JetDrive wrote that the program can optimize files are even protected by the system. I would like to highlight the rather nice user interface

    It works conveniently enough, in fact after the start you need to select the operation that you need, then you can start to work.
    This program allows the user to choose the mode of defragmentation, there is a manual, and there is automatically called AutoJet, after its launch, you'll be able to forget the word of defragmentation, the program itself will always perform these operations.
    JetDrive has a fairly modern and powerful algorithm using the maximum quality that can not only carry out a defragmentation of hard disks, but also the registry and (in memory only in the version Ultimate), and then your system should run faster and more stable.
    Another worth noting that the program can search for any errors on the hard disk, if any are found, you will be able to fix them immediately.
    Of course there is a system in JetDrive reports, you can see them and to know exactly what operations have been carried out, it will be possible to view the beautiful 3D diagrams, which allows you to more clearly see the results of the program.

    Disk Defragmentation
    Ease of use
    Test drive
    Automatic defragmentation
    The high degree of detail
    Improved algorithms
    Cleaning temporary folders
    Defragmenting System Files
    Defragmenting protected Windows files
    Registry Defragmentation

    only in the Ultimate version
    Analysis of disk space
    Spot defragmentation
    Memory Defragmenter

    Abelssoft JetDrive 6.11 Ultimate Retail

    Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7/8 x86 / 64
    License: Retail (embedded)
    Language: Ml / ENG / Russian
    Size: 28.86 Mb

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