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    Hamachi Ml / Rus

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    Hamachi Ml / Rus

    LogMeIn Hamachi - It is the host office VPN, enabling secure organize local virtual networks for distributed teams, mobile workers and friends on video games - in a matter of minutes.This will not prevent the creation of a LAN or installed firewalls or routers. Create a virtual network will support almost all features a traditional LAN, including the provision of file sharing and network games.

    Create virtual networks and manage them as needed.
    Remotely to network printers, cameras, game consoles and other devices on demand, via a web interface.

    Provide users with access via a central gateway.
    Provide remote users with secure access to your private network or LAN and the resources therein by a centralized LogMeIn Hamachi gateway, without modifying firewalls or routers.

    Gives users access to specific computers.
    Provide remote users with secure access to specific computers on your network from any location without changing the configuration of firewalls or routers.

    Connect all network clients to each other.
    Quickly and easily create simple virtual mesh networks that enable remote computers to connect directly to each other, thus providing, users basic network access to all network resources.

    Hamachi uses the same encryption as banks for online transactions.
    Reliable secure connection using 256-bit SSL-encryption via public and private networks.

    Centralized software deployment. Reduce the number of site visits by sending links to remote users to connect to a specific virtual network.

    Network management and recovery. Manage virtual networks for end users and restores them through a web interface.

    Configuration management of networks and customers. Adjust the default settings for individual networks and clients.

    Centralized access control. Control access to the networks and their usage, including password management.

    Hamachi Ml / Rus

    Operating system : Windows® XP / Vista / Seven
    Interface language : Russian
    Released : 2014
    Activation : Not required
    Size : 6.1 Mb

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