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    TrackChecker 1.0.10 b399 Beta

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    TrackChecker 1.0.10 b399 Beta

    TrackChecker - An excellent program that will suit users who love to order goods from foreign online stores. Now you can track your parcel to track numbers is much more convenient, without using special services on the network.

    Key features:

    Checking the tracking numbers to more than 200 postal and courier sites
    The ability to create groups of tracks in any configuration to help users avoid confusion in their premises.
    The ability to add and configure almost any email service using the user interface. No intervention is required in the code (though the user need to know the syntax of regular expressions, and the ability to debug and compile http requests).
    Various settings let you configure the program for themselves: check period, Startup, notice the appearance of a list of packages (the selection of tracks color, change the font size of the tree tracks, etc.), the connection settings, and many other options.
    Storing the program settings, and user data in xml format next to the executable program (at default settings).
    Working through a proxy-server or directly. Network requests brake operation interface.
    Check for program updates, and Automatic Updates service description
    Filtering, sorting and quick search wooden tracks.
    And much more...

    What's new TrackChecker 1.0.10 b399 Beta
    + Support service - automated captcha (Settings-Services-Settings Antigate)
    + Determination incorrect reference (recognized) Captcha (supporting, for example, for the Post of China, a new type of error in the log track - CaptchaValidateError)
    + The field at the service of the country. Filter by country in the list of services and track the program settings. Additional column "Country" in the list of services in the program.
    + Show error log and track in a tooltip at the column "More info"
    * Minor changes in the interface
    - Fixed some minor bugs

    TrackChecker 1.0.10 b399 Beta

    Released : 2014
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7
    Interface : Multi / Russian
    Activation : not required
    Size of archive: 3.86 Mb

    Download TrackChecker v1.0.10 b399 Beta

    Download TrackChecker 1.0.10 b399 Beta for Windows 7, 8, 10
    (Cost: Free)
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